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What do you think about Miami?


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Many TV shows, like burn notice, are filmed in Miami. And we have the opportunity to behold the amazing sights that Miami have to unfold. It seems the city is a mix of high business corporations with great beaches and night clubs. The weather also looks great.

I'm from Europe and I've been wondering, would it be a good place to live in?


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I grew up there. I'll tell you all about it.
Miami Beach is nice but it's only about 10 square blocks, very small strip of nice restaurants, clubs. There are sections of Miami that are nice, the Gables, and the Grove but you have to have alot of money to afford the yacht and car and house in those neighborhoods. Celebs have homes on Star Island, or Belle Island, you can google earth that. They only spend winter there and it's like a vacation home.
The rest of Miami is mostly hispanic, mainly Cuban. Don't get me wrong, Cuban food is great, Cuban people are family orientated and warm. There is a bi-lingual requirement for shopping, working, community.
I would suggest Orlando, or Naples, Tampa or Ocala for cost of living, less traffic, more things to do. Still sunny and lots of water everywhere for fishing, swimming, boating, beach lounging.
If you're into a wealthy warm Florida place then Palm Beach is where you want to be. Very upscale.
If you're into horses then Ocala has many farms. If you want beachfront then Palm Coast or Jacksonville is for you.
My favorite place on earth is 10 miles into the Everglades where I'm the only person for miles, alone with the gators and sawgrass.
Hope that helps.

PS Burn Notice has alot of scenes filmed in LA. Dexter also. Brooke Hogan does have a condo on Key Biscayne.
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I've never been there, but from what I gather it's a big party destination. And of course there's beaches. I can't speak for livability, but I do know that I would never want to live in Florida.


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Florida is hot and humid most of the year. There are lots of alligators. The state has a high population. If you know where to go it can be loads of fun.
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