What do you think about casino or blackjack?

What do you think about online casinos are similar games. For example, my parents against this. Because, they believe that I can spend all my money for it. And many of my friends read different literature and partypoker reviews. And then they play, but not for the sake of money, but simply test different theories and strategies. I also sometimes play and even found new friends playing. Personally, this game relaxes me. And that's why I really enjoy it.
I would love to hear your feedback. Do you play such games? or want to try)


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I haven't played on PartyPoker in a while now but I happen to play poker with my friends every once in a while. We usually wager small amounts of money (like 5$ each, depending on the number of players at the table) but otherwise, it's mostly to relax. But as you said, it's also fun to test strategies and improve on your weakness at the table. I tend to be a bit predictable when I play so each time, I try to switch it up a bit.