what do you think about buying the lotteries in Thailand.


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Buying the lotteries
In Thai society today, there are a lot of poor people think that gambling makes them rich, so buying lottery is another choice of them. It is widely everywhere. However in my view, buying lotteries can make you poor for many reasons.
First, buying lottery is gambling. It is useless, waste of time and waste of money. Although you get easy money, but you will spend it easily too.
Second, you do not always win lotteries. Buying lotteries is speculation, but you cannot always guess it correctly. Because luck of people are not always good.
Finally, lotteries make you crazy. If you do not win the lottery, you will feel bad and become disappointed leading to not working, studying or doing anything.
In conclusion, you should find something else to do. It is better than being ignorant about gambling with unknown destination. What do you think?