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Question What do you remember from school?


Oh, poppycock.
Hi folks! :cool:

So in a few weeks, I will start student teaching. I have had various field work, but up until this point it was always in some sort of capacity of assisting the primary teacher. I wanted to look to my old friends to see what you remember from school.

I will be student teaching for 7 weeks in each placement. My first placement will be 3rd grade, while my second one will be PreK. (I am so excited that I get to be in PreK for the holidays!)

I am basically looking for tips here, while starting what I think would be an interesting discussion.

Did a teacher ever do something that just stuck with you through all these years? Good or bad? :lick:


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I just remember that I did not enjoy school at all, don't get me wrong, I have met great people and even my girlfriend but I was just never keen on learning despite being a great student in my later years.

I barely got along with teachers because I had strong opinions about certain things and a teacher being a teacher never backed down so ultimately they were ALWAYS in the right and I was in the wrong.


Son of Liberty
My 4th grade teacher, Mr. Fowler, was an excellent teacher. I had a lot of good teachers but he stood out. What stood out the most was how encouraging he was. I was always a kid who read a lot but he encouraged me to read even more. The librarian at my elementary was very special also. Being a kid who was very introverted and kept to myself I asked if I could spend time in the library instead of going to recess and it was granted. I spent so much time in there and she also pushed my love for reading along. Stay positive and encouraging. It's hard sometimes when you have kids that don't seem to care, but you have to remember some kids come from some pretty tough backgrounds and need more pushing than others.


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Wow! Great topic there Cait. Hmm, I finished school in 2010 and in Greece so I do not know how much helpful I can be to you, considering you are going to teach in a complete another educational system (way better by the way).

What I will really would want from my teachers is to had learnt me to read books. I would love to be able to know how great is to read a good book and how much good does reading to your mental health and to your writing - expands vocabulary as you know. I would want them to make reading to me an experience and to understand that reading habit can be actually pretty interesting! I only learnt that latter on during my University studies. It can be a great gift for the rest of the live of a child to be able to appreciate reading.

Other than, I think you should be pretty strick when it gets about bullying! Learn the children to respect each other for what they are and feel and behave as equals, no matter their colour, religion, and financial level.


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I remember a lot from elementary school.

I can tell you that all of my fondest memories come from the teachers that had a personality and took their personal creativity and passion into the classroom. I had a teacher that taught the crusades in episodes and had scrolling text Star Wars style and everything (with the music too!) all custom made for our class. I have to say it was a very good teaching method.

I had another teacher that would give you a ride on his Harley (which he talked about every day in class) if you could pass his final.

Another teacher brought in cinnamon rolls for the class that got the highest average on his tests. This same teacher also gave a point of extra credit on tests for each grammar/logic/data error spotted by students (only to the first student). That one was a lot of fun.

Just a few examples from my school days to help you along. :)


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I loved my book keeping and accounting teacher and my math teacher. They were great teachers really knew how to teach. I did excellent in those classes. That is until I moved, at the new school both those teachers were minimal and I started falling behind. Didn't enjoy the class under the new teachers at all. I think one was just too old to be teaching.

I had a biology teacher that was nice enough and seemed to know his stuff but his monotone voice would put you to sleep.


Oh, poppycock.
I think a problem a lot of teachers have is giving in. You can give into a kid. I had to tell a group of 4th graders once that I honestly did not know the answer to their question or even if their guesses were correct. The best part? You could be damn sure that they know it, because everyone of them came up to me the next day after finding out the answer at home. They were excited that even for a second they knew more than the teacher.