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What do you love about America?


Hell, It's about time!
A lot of people bash America for many things. I want to know from Americans (and even non-Americans) what do you love about America? Feel free to use others responses if it is something you really love.

I love America because I am free to make my own choices in life.
I am free to own and use firearms privately.
I don't have to fear the government for speaking out against them.
I am able to support myself and make a comfortable living off my hard work.
Ford cars :)
The abundance of new technology.
I feel safe from attack because of our military might.
The abundance of luxuries and plentiful food.
I have a right to privacy.

Please don't refute others views, just state what you love about America!
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As a foreigner one thing I love about America is that people are more independent and that there is dignity of labour. People choose their professions without any societal or parental pressure. The high speed internet impresses me.


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Our history and how we were founded. Our prosperity and access to goods. The opportunity to learn what you want, how you want, and where you want. The libraries!!! Freedom to speak about what we oppose. Diversity of geology like Yosemite to Zion Park to pararies to canyons. How different the cities vary. Top universities. A multitude of workmanship, services, professions, religions, hobbies, to choose.


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There's tons of things I love about America. :nod:

Redondo Beach!
Orlando Florida!
Saying what I wanna say without major issues.
Learning anything I wanna learn when I wanna learn it.
NASA Space Center.
Braums! (Ice cream, hamburgers, etc)
Sky Eats Airplane! (Awesome band in Texas)
Electric Zoo (Haven't been there yet but I'm def going someday)
The Rocky mountains!

Cool thread! :D We should have a thread about what other people love about their countries too!


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The main thing I love about this land is that no matter what state that you go to, it's never the same. East coast is one hell of a change from the west coast, North and south are polar opposites, but that's what I like the most. There's never anything the same, and it's always something new to learn.

Also, the vast amounts of history from each state is enough to blow your mind. I grew up and lived in Maryland until I moved to Texas, so there's a lot of history with Baltimore, Pennsylvania, Virginia and a lot of the other East coast states. But with Texas, it's a whole history lesson itself: The Sniper tower at the University of Arlington, the Alamo in San Antonio, the JFK shooting street in Dallas. History.



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The main thing I love about this land is that no matter what state that you go to, it's never the same.
I say this exact thing every time I'm asked why I love the USA so much. I'm beginning to feel like a broken record, so I'm glad someone said it for me!
But it's definitely my favourite thing about America. The landscapes.

I also love the customer service and hospitality. Maybe I've just been lucky, but people seem very friendly and big hearted. I mean, of course I'm generalizing here, but I must have visited the states around 20 times now and I'm always surprised at how lovely most of the people are.

Another thing I love is the history. I went through a phase of being obsessed with learning about American history and found it very fascinating, despite the fact that I come from a country with a very long and interesting background, I just don't care for it as much for some reason. However I've forgotten the vast majority of what I learnt, as I do with just about everything I learn.

I also really like sports in the US. Going to games and matches is something I don't enjoy much in the UK, but over in the states the atmosphere is completely different and even if I'm not too interested in what's actually going on, I love just being there.

Er, think that's enough for now. :shifteyes:


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American Television is some of the best available. And at present far better than the shite they put on British TV.

American Music is up there. So many American musicians that I can't help but adore.

American Cinema, although there is competition around the globe - and the snarky idea of a British director meaning it's a British film - but in all, the majority of decent films being churned out today are coming from The States.

The Americans reside in environments that contain some truly awesome wildlife - be it - Road Runners, Timber Rattlesnakes, Grizzly Bears, Red-Tailed Hawks, Manatees, Cougars, Mooses, Alligators and whatever else. I like animals, and America contains a lot of cool ones.

The Americans have perfected the creation of making cheese that's not actually cheese. A triumph.

Certain personalities in America stand out in a positive way with me. Especially the likes of New Yorkers, them Cowboy Hat wearing sheriff geezers and rednecks. I find them quite interesting,

America has a place called Alberquerque - I just love the sound of it. I would like to visit it, although I suspect on arriving I will be disappointed in some way. On the other hand, they've got Las Vegas nearby, and having heard some great reports about the city, a visit there someday in my life seems like a serious 'must-do'.


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Well I've never been, but from what I've noticed is that America has sooo much to offer. And you guys have Broadway, which is the one thing/place I've always wanted to go to! One day ... one day.


Sultan of Swat
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I've only been to America a few times, and what I really love about the United States is the cheap booze, it's incredible how cheap it is over there, compared to Canada.

I also enjoy other cheap stuff that you have over there, like clothes and other stuff. It's incredible how cheaper stuff is over there compared to here.


Better Call Saul
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I am probably one of those clowns who takes living here for granted. I am lucky to live in a city in the midwest where the people are really nice and friendly.

I don't know how to describe it but it is kind of cool living in a country that is looked at as important by the rest of the world and there is so much cool stuff here.