What Do You Love About America?


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So with all the political new lately, it's really gotten me thinking - What do I really love and value about America?

I am absolutely appalled that so many people have bought into this ideology put forth by certain politicians that America is going by the wayside and we need drastic change to save the country we love. It blows my mind that so many Americans are abandoning the things that made our country great. Politicians pander to voters saying we'll cut taxes and pay for your college education and give you tax rebates to pay for gas and pay for your healthcare and give you free candy and so on - and frankly it's getting out of control.

In the great words of the DEMOCRATIC president John F. Kennedy, "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country."

What I love about America is when people have the courage and the willpower to write their own stories. I love the man who works for 60 hours a week to provide for his kids and send them to college. I love the fact that anybody in America is not stuck with the life they are born into. I love the fact that we are free to pursue our dreams. I love the fact that we are free. I love the small town guy who works his butt off and finally makes it big. I love knowing that hard work will be rewarded. I love the fact that America offers it's citizens the freedom to attempt great things. I love the fact that the American story is possible for anyone. I love a country built on hard work of generations before us. I love a country that is the envy of the world - a country where people risk everything just to live on our soil. I love America - and there are some things that just shouldn't change. Period.

So in light of all the badmouthing of America by politicians and the media, what do you love about America? Granted, there are some things that need to be changed - I'm not saying we're perfect - but when all is said and done, why do you love your country?

I spent two months abroad last year. When I came back to America, I kissed the ground I used to walk on. That's why I love America.


Hell, It's about time!
Guns :)

The ability to speak freely without fear of arrest. The freedom to practice my religion the way I want to.


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i know a little about USA....
but i know many our people run to there,,,,maybe they think usa is heaven


maybe just better than here....
Guns :)

The ability to speak freely without fear of arrest. The freedom to practice my religion the way I want to.
r u a soldier???:cool:
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I love American optimism. When you have a problem, you have that huge optimism that in the end, you'll make it, instead of moaning all the time.

I also love the American fondness of their values, like freedom of speech, democracy, and the American trust in their Constitution. Under Bush, there were many things to worry about in these regards, IMO, but thanks to these American values, America will recognize and finally correct their mistakes, and just as America corrected McCarthy and Vietnam, it will correct Bush's mistakes too. I am very confident of that, because I admire this American strength.

And I love a few things America did for my country. If you want to know more, read my posting in the "America, get sober again"-thread.
I love the sports culture in America. The hunger for athleticism among highschool students and college students. The way highschools and colleges compete in sports. And the rivalries among sports teams is so much better in America.

Here in the Netherlands you don't find many people with that kind of passion especially when it comes to athleticism. Though there aren't many people here in the Netherlands. Here it's all about skills, there isn't a decent strength/weight program for most young athletes at the higher levels. I never hear about a physical specimen under 18 years old. Whenever a young athlete gets brought up in the news, it's about his skills. I feel that skills and athleticism should come hand in hand. Not just one or the other.
..I like american cars. Music's been good - at least it used to be. Can't help but love something that would produce Jazz, or the cultural mixup that could produce someone like Jimi Hendrix or the Doors. No other place on the planet could really do that, I think. But then again, musicians are a bit different than the rest all around the world, seems to me.
The music, the people, the scenery, the food, freedom, guns, the extreme living you can choose to do and everything else everybody said. It's all grand. :eek:)