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What do you like to drink while gaming?


Registered Member
i usually just grab any soda i have at my house and start playing. i don't really have a certain drink.


New Member
I actually don't drink that much when playing; mostly because I'd actually have to stop playing to get up and get it. When I do, though, it's usually Coke.


New Member
coffee......and I like just like I like my women ....just kidding sorry for the double post.......but my grandpa used to say that all the time thought it would be funny


New Member
I use to be a hardcore dew-head... ah but unfortunatlely the old pancrease (sp?) finally burned out... so now its water for me. Its tough when the old eye balls start to roll up into my head.

Ah well.


Registered Member
This is an interesting topic. I remembered my undergrad days whwere my buddies and I would have adult beverages and playing Burnout all night. But nowadays, coke is my drink of choice.