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What do you like to drink while gaming?


New Member
Hi guys, i like Mountain dew during game.what is your's choice?


Secret Agent
Staff member
Interesting.. I don't actually drink anything while gaming or using my PC actually. Every once in a while maybe, but not something where I can actually remember what it was I last drank at the PC.

I don't drink a lot of pop/soda (whatever you want to call it) anymore though. I like sweet tea now. :D


New Member
It all depends on the game. If its fast paced, something that can make me hyper


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I try not to drink as much soda as I did when I was younger, so it's usually iced tea, green tea, milk, gatorade, anything with a nice caffiene content to get me going without being soda.


New Member
Just water usually, gets crasy hot in my room during the summer and the heat from my computer doesnt help much.


New Member
any energy drinks. i have no choice! i only get to play really late, like 1am, after i've done all my school work. busy busy busy. :sick:


Registered Member
Life is like a case of Mt. Dew... I'll likely waste it playing video games this weekend.