What do you like/hate most


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I was curious on what you guys liked the most about where you lived and what you hate the most about the area you live?

I like living in this area because it's peaceful and you don't get bothered by anyone for the most part. It's quiet and relaxing.

The thing I hate the most is probably not having a city bus near my house, it doesn't bother me as much anymore since I have a car, but if I drink I have to take the taxi home from the closest bus station.

How about you guys?


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In Whorelando(Orlando) well I made a list of 5 things to like. Mostly this was because I wanted to keep my sanity.

1. Fried Chicken
2. Full Sail Univeristy
3. The People it's nice cause they arent like what other are like back home.
4. Sweet Tea is amazing especially Chik fil A
5. Monsoon Rain nothing gives me more of an excuse to use my four wheel drive

Other than that it sucks the weather sucks the driving sucks it take you a half hour to drive four miles cause all the damn lights, and did I mention it's a swamp it smells bad at night cause that's when the sprinklers come on and they use the water underground witch is filled with rotting vegetation.
like - the free bus and the parks, shops
dislike - that there's been a bin strike for the past month, haha

like - nice & peaceful, local shops right across the road
dislike - boring town/bad for general shopping


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I'm currently in Boston, so I like having the city readily accessible right when you walk out. It's really convenient. I just don't like the noise of cars driving by when I'm trying to fall asleep. Once in a while, there'll be one car with no muffler just gunning by. :shake:
My hometown is more industrial with factories and refineries all jammed together. I need to drive 30km to the nearest town to do decent shopping, I just don't enjoy living here.

I guess on the plus side there are lots of job opportunites at the factories for administrative positions.


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What do I like about Oklahoma?

That has to be the hardest question to answer, ever.

-We have an awesome marching band that I was incredibly fortunate to be a part of.
-The prices to live here are pretty cheap from my knowledge. (plus the gas got down a bit lower than some other places!)
-Most of my family lives here.
-The insane weather oftentimes allows for large ice storms during the finals week of college. :lol: (namely my freshman semester of college. I had no finals that semester. XD)
- The exact area where I am in the state keeps me sheltered from the tornadoes, and tends to somehow get hit the hardest by snow and ice (within the neighboring counties, that is). lol


-The weather really does suck anyways. 85 degrees F on my birthday (December 26) is just not tolerable.
-A lot of the people are too close-minded... Not the best place for me to live. =/

Okay, so I actually came up with more good than bad? Wow. But the bad outdoes the good for me in the end, unfortunately.

But I'll definitely have to be leaving if I want to make a half decent amount of money for being a teacher. >_>


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What do I hate about Barre/Williamstown, VT.... the hicks, the lowlifes, the Barre scum. I hate that there is NOTHING to do around here. Ever. You have to travel like one/two hours one way to go somewhere fun.

What do I like about Barre/Williamstown, vT.... the scenery, the mountains, all four seasons.


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I hate living in Darwin because there is nothing here, its hot all the time, I miss having a cold winter! And I'm too far away from family and mates back home.


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The Red Sox, the cool weather, the lack of any severe weather outside of snow, the leaves

It's Massachusetts, that should explain everything.