What Do You Drink When You Work-Out?

Whats Your Favorite Beverage to drink when Working-Out?

  • Water (Tap, Filtered or Purified)

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  • Powerade

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  • Gatorade

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  • Propel

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  • Energy Drinks (Red Bull, Balls, Amp, etc.)

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  • Protein Drinks/Shakes

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Gay As Fuck
Whats your favorite beverage to drink when you work out?

I mostly drink Propel (Berry Flavored) and whatever bottled water I have at the moment or buy at the store, energy drinks during work-outs make me tired for some reason. So I just stick with the other two.



Undead Intellectual
I usually drink what because it's all the we have at the house. I would drink Gatorade, but it kind of makes me sick if I'm doing intense activity. I'll drink it though during baseball or something else.

I'll have a protien drink an hour after I lift.


Registered Member
I usually drink water now. But during the school year it was propel. Lemon/Black Berry/ Mandarin Flavored usually.

I tried to keep calorie count low on hydrating beverages when I work out.

Gatorade simple has too much cals...


rainbow 11!
I just drink water. I find it better than other drinks because it doesn't have anything added and it will keep me hydrated.


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I like gatorade. I never really drank anything but that right from the first time I ever really got a good work out and I guess now im just hooked on that stuff.