what do you do..

when the girl your sick in the head for, the one who makes you go weak at the knee's finishes it after 2 years, for another bloke who you no is no good....

...And no matter how many girls you 'fool' about with, you never forget about her?


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You take a break from dating until time washes away the pain.

And never mind if her new guy doesn't seem right for her. That's her own path to walk. Wish her well in your heart and concentrate on taking care of yourself.

Sorry you're in this situation. It's something unpleasant that most of us have to go through at one time or another in our lives.


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I just recently found that girl that makes me feel like that and if i should have to go through what you are i would probably fight to win her back...but over do it and end up looking pyscho


Sooner or later she will realise her mistake, and long for the days when she was with you. Bide your time, wait until that day and then slide in and sweep her away from it.

Well, that's how it happens in Hollywood anyway.


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I agree with Tucker,take a step back from dating until your head clears.

It will be her decision as to the guy being good enough,try being happy for her,it may take some time,but you will eventually move past all the hurt.
As Tucker said it happens to most of us,i know it happened to me after six years of happiness.


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u do need to take a stap back, spend some time with ur family and friends !! do things u dont normally do.. find urself again , be you .... in time she will become a memory and then u can move on !