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Discuss What do you do with a boring book?


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I always finish my boring book. I'm not the type to give up easily. A great example is most of the Tom Clancy novels dealing with Jack Ryan. That man can be very long winded and I nearly made it through the entire series because of my desire to complete every book/series I start. I haven't given up yet but it's taken me a very long time to get through them all.

It's not that they're badly written books, either. Clancy is just long-winded and very detail orientated. It makes for a boring read.


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I'm pretty careful about what I read and very seldom end up with one which is totally boring to the point that I cannot finish it. Can't even recall the last time this happened to me.

That said, I mostly read on my Kindle and the books I have problems with are some of the independently published ones that are filled with misspelled words, grammatical mistakes in virtually every sentence, misused words (your instead of you're, their/there, past/passed, etc.). When I run into those problems I most often delete them from my Kindle and sometimes also from my Amazon account. Sometimes I just delete the book from my Kindle though, and leave it in my Amazon account. Then I give the book a scathing review and see if the author makes a comment to me. For example. This happened 3 or 4 months ago and ultimately the author commented on my review to say that he had paid an editor to edit his work, and he invited me to give him my e-mail address, sent me the polished up book and I reread the entire thing and it was so much better that I edited my original review and upgraded it from being a 1 star review to a 3 star review. Of course the author also updated his digital work on the Amazon website so that future buyers would receive the edited version.