What do you do when you get burnt out of wrestling?

I've notice I haven't been watching as much as I used too. It's always been repetitive just with different wrestlers and now I'm beginning to get sick of it. I believe that is the reason I lost interest these past months with the show.

So, what do you do when this happens? Take a break for a few months? Perhaps. I just been checking the sites every other week just to stay updated, but now it's like it's becoming a choir. Ugh... Guess I'll need to find another interest until I start like wrestling again. :mad:
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I guess I dont ever get burnt out of it...for some reason it always has my attention.

Do you watch TNA, Vilky? Either TNA or ROH would at least give you something different if you dont like the current direction of the WWE.


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Noticed you haven't been around here as much lately! :p I gotta say, i've been getting a little bit burned out with WWE too. I've missed a Raw and a couple of Smackdowns and.... it didn't really bother me so much, whereas before i made sure to watch every Raw and Smackdown the day they're uploaded on the net. Luckily though, it's pretty easy to keep up with what's happening with WWE. I'm watching Raw at the moment and i haven't really missed much.

Personally, i watch ROH to fill the gap! In fact, ROH is probably part of the reason i've missed a couple of WWE shows lately....


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I never get tired of wrestling, even if it's not as good as it once was. I still have a faith in the WWE and they will change things around. The only reason why I believe it's not as good as it once was is because they don't have any competetion. If they had competetion like they did during the Attitude ERA then the WWE today would be 15 times better.