What do you do when people stare at you?

Ok, so I was sitting in the hospital waiting room yesterday and sitting next to me (lady was facing me) was this woman just staring at me for about 15 minutes. Why not look at a magazine, or look to your right or left? I wanted to get up and go outside, but I got nervous because I thought she knew that I knew that she knew that she was staring at me (confusing much?). Well, she finally got called by the nurse and went away, and I could finally relax without her eyes piercing into my skull! >.<;

Err... I'm not that fascinating to look at, so I have no idea why she was doing it. Maybe she just wanted to talk for a bit and I was ignoring her? I dunno, now that I think about it, it could have been completely innocent where she was looking for somebody to talk to. Still, I was very uncomfortable.

Any-a-foo, what do you do when people stare at you? Do you stare back at them? Do you get up and go to a different area? Do you leave? Do you confront the person? Just what do you do?


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I let them know that I know they are looking at me, I stare back for a few seconds until they turn their glare away.
I let them know that I know they are looking at me, I stare back for a few seconds until they turn their glare away.
lol - a good ol' fashion stare down.


I couldn't bring myself to confront, or leave even, so I'd just sit there avoiding the eye contact most likely.
Same here. Still, I see them out of the corner of my eye and it's hard to look away 'cuz something about eye contact that screams for you to look at them. Like, they want something or have something to do with you.

I remember back in school EVERYTIME I stared at the teacher when she was asking questions she would call on me. I wish I learned that sooner, so I could have wore glasses or pretended like I was doing something else.

Eye contact is a very strong force, and I should probably pick up some new shades just to avoid that contact. lul
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Haha maybe she fancied you! :lol: Or maybe she was just having like a staring episode when you just look at something and you are deep in thought and she didn't mean to just sit and stare at you.

Anyway, when someone stares at me I get really nervous and uncomfortable and I usually either walk away to a different area of just try and completely ignore them and find something to do with my eyes like reading or looking at my nails or phone for example. I never ever confront them about it, coz I'm just too chicken. Then they might start a fight if I tell them to stop and I don't want that to happen. I'm just a big chicken really.
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Personally I give them a little Shooter McGavin gun from Happy Gilmore, it's when he sinks his putters. Not a word of lie that's what I do. If I have a camera in my pants, I'll just pull it out and say here take a picture it will last longer. I pesonally don't care, except if it's somebody that can beat me up :D


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Unless they're staring and holding a knife or some sort of weapon, I don't care. I'm not going to do a trick. If anything, I just stare back, for some reason that tends to work.


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It depends what mood they catch me in and on the person. If i'm in a good mood, then i'll just look away and ignore them. If i've had a bad day then i'll either stare back at them til they look away, wave my hand in front of them as if to say 'Hello, what the fuck is your problem' or just ask them outright why they're staring at me. If it's a hot guy then i'll just get embarrassed and look away, but every now and then glance their way :lol:


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I normaly just stare back at them, 9 times out 10 it works a treat, not sure why.
Sometimes I will look at them and share a nice big old smile but not very often.

And viLKy You were in a hospital waiting room, maybe she had a problem with her eyes, or maybe she was staring at you and thinking 'I wonder what is wrong with him'
Its a great game to play when your bored!.