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What do you do to stay in shape?


Well, I don't really try to get into shape. The only consciouis attempt I make is try to eat less and take the stairs instead of the elevator.


Yeah, stairs is another thing I do. Unless I'm late or something I always take the stairs to class. Running up stairs is also where you burn the most energy per time(do the most work). I remember going to an anime convention and hauling my stuff up the stairs because everyone was cramming the elevators. That was a serious workout.


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Running isnt that good for you Vince, I use to run, but its bad on the knee's, I walk everywhere as it is on campus, and WVU has a big campus, and I'll play basketball and hockey a few times a week depending on weather.
I agree there, i'm a perfect example of that!
Running can be bad for the knees if you don't stretch first beforehand. If you don't stretch you have an increased chance of pulling or damaging your muscles and/or tendants in your legs.

Although I admit I don't always stretch myself, even though I know I should, I don't run that often.

For exercise I do Martial Arts. Specifically Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do.

And I also try to whatever workout I can whenever I can
We'd do a quick jog before we started running, but after it'd be all running after that with little breaks. The i'd have to haul my ass around school from one class to another. --_-- i hated that teacher.


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i go over to the bball court over at my old elementary school and i run, i play bball of course, i shoot from half court to make my arms strong(and i swish from it) and i do push ups, sit ups, and many other exercises


I stay in shape by riding my bike and being on the baseball team. I eat a lot of junk food so I ain't got no speical diet. I ussally eat ice cream like every other day. I ride my bike everywhere <D

Anonym0uz Bitch

Regardless if you stretch or not running is still bad for your knees, the constant jolt of hitting the ground is bad for them.


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I eat pretty healthy. No fast food mostly subway from their low fat sandwich list. Im pretty conscious of what i eat. I keep usually snacks to the minimum or if i eat snacks most of them are low fat or fat free. Holidays ill eat some junk

I ear dark/red meat perhaps once every 2 weeks though i can go months without it. Pretty much just chicken and turkey and fish when it comes to meat.

I lift 6 days a weeks doing different muscle groups. I take in usually alot of protien after a lift to build my muscles up.

I have a slow metabolism so if i eat much junk food ill gain some weight. i weigh aboout 175 and im 5"6 i kinda have a wrestlers build.

didnt change my lifestyle though much until a year and 1/2 ago so i pretty much pulled a 180.


Well I have above average metabolism i work out at the gym train in tae kwon doe weekly which has allowed me to eat um alot of things.^^ though i do tend to eat healthy food more also i eat korean food MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM


I run a mile and a quater almost every day for baseball practice.
I lift weights about 2-3 times a week, although lately i haven't been consistant.