What Do YOU Do on the Internet?

Where You At?

  • Forums, man!

    Votes: 5 55.6%
  • Stuff With Lots O' Info and Knowledge and Stuff...

    Votes: 1 11.1%
  • PR0N! (Porn) -Don't lie. We know you =)-

    Votes: 3 33.3%

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Weird Stuff That....I Shouldn't Mention....o.O;;

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If we could observe your internet interests all day, what would we see? What interests you most on the internet? Music? Politics? Linguistics? XDDD Haha.

I am mostly seen on forums. I am not on this one the most 'cause it's so inactive most of the time, but I do try to contribute when I can. I'm sure that you guys hate it too XD. But I can also be found on plenty of music sites, fanfiction sites, and linguistic-type sites. Yes...this boring shit interests me greatly. Sue me. :)

I love to google randomness. That's mainly how I come across random forum sites. I must be signed up for like....600, but I'm only really only extremely active in four or so.

You'll find me looking up funny things. I love funny. If you have funny things, lemme see!

I mght look up weirdy things too. Weird is cool. I know a lot of useless facts that "normal" people generally wouldn't know. Maybe. Hurray for useless knowledge!

There's lots o' stuff that I do on the internet, but I don't feel like naming it all!

What do YOU do? Where are YOU the most? What are YOUR favorite sites (please, other than fusion. It's great that we all love this site, but give me some others. Please).


Mostly on forums ...and online chatting (if that counts too) I am sure everyone here can relate to that.


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Nothing really fit me. I usually use the net maybe to check this forum, facebook, or to look up bittorrent files for dling.

Im think games should have been added to the poll, or downloading.

I also use it for information but usually just to look up torrent files or to check ANN here and there.


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I am EVERWHERE...Shit, I was in the wookiepedia last night for hours reading star wars stuff...That's what I love about the net, you can just stumble into things and stay there for hours...I was reading the book of 5 rings this morning, but of course, I do have more porn than you can shake a stick at... :D


rainbow 11!
Here, shoujoai.com, fanfiction.net, gaia, AIM, myspace, and SOMETIMES xanga. Those are the main places I go to. ^^
I'm active on 2 other forums. mixmakers and ps3network. Other than that I used to go to youtube when I was bored. But now they've removed almost every Chappelle's show vid on youtube :(


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I do a few things.

I have a select set of webcomics I love and I tend to visit them daily.

I always have Fusion-Central open, at least in a tabbed window.

I get my music from certain websites.

I also enjoy wandering aimlessly through wikipedia when I feel like it.

Last but not least, I use myspace and facebook to keep up with friends.