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What do you do in the gym


New Member
I have recently started going to the gym to loose weight and gain better fitness, how do you normaly go about using the gym and has anyone any tips for me?:D


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My biggest tip for you, go with a partner who knows what he's talking about.

Nothing worse than not getting the best out of your work-outs because of poor form or incorrect methods.


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^^^ Very true

I go to the gym and start of with doing some heavy weights, followed by about 20-30 mins of cardio and then followed by toning exercises.


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I usually start with 10 minutes of cardio to get the muscles moving and somewhat stretched/active before beginning my work out. So usually 10 minutes on the tredmill works fine for me.

Besides that, depends what I'm working on that day, whether it be legs or abs or my upper body. Every day I switch it up when I go.



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Consult a trainor/coach at the gym with your defined goals - maybe he'll help you with a workout program best suitable for you. If that's not available then go with someone who knows what he's doing.


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I follow a training programme a counslour at the gym made. I start out with 20 minutes on the threadmill. Then I do some strenght work outs who mostly contains of leg press, waist rotations and abdominal excersises. (I do this 12x2 times) Then I end it with 15 minutes on the threadmill.

As some others said consult a trainer/coach. They will find a work out routine that is suited for you.


needs practice
Personal training is EXPENSIVE. After you do it (if you're starting off, you really need to find out what to do right) for a couple sessions you can give yourself a better frame of mind of how to correctly workout.
BUT the most important rule of going to the gym----IS KEEP going to the gym!


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Hi King, Take help from a professional body builder and personal trainer if you have any... Take some tips and do in better way....

I would suggest caution from this only on the fact that just because you take a course on fitness and personal training, doesn't mean that those methods are always correct. When I had my personal trainer, he was a college graduate in the field, had 4 certifications all up to date and was really a built guy. Look for their experience and education before you look at their bodies and go "wow, he must be good cause the way he looks" kind of attitude.



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I usually do a 15min stretch, then warm up by jogging for 15-30mins. Then hit the weights. I do a triangle session, light -> heavy > light. Then get the protein drink down in that 15 min window after a good weights session.


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I used to ride the bike for 30-40 minutes, then do the stair master for 20 minutes, then walk on the treadmill at max incline for 20 minutes, and finally stretch. I don't have a gym membership anymore though so I just walk/run real stairs.