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what do you do for free?


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Help at hospitals? Schools? Charities? fundraiser? Public tv/radio?


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Until I had to take on work placements as part of a back-to-work course, I volunteered in a charity shop. Basic stuff, but the managers trusted me enough to give me more duties than the other volunteers.


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I periodically on spare time I'm a homeplate umpire for little league baseball Babe Ruth league here in town lol it's fun though. Kids never argue with me though..I can end disputes pretty quickly..by doing that thing called ejection..lol I've only had to do it once though..a batter and their team's manager went total sideways on me when he cleary broke the plane for a strike.
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I used to volunteer at my local hospital, and I am an Eagle Scout, so I have done my fair share of free work for the benefit of others.


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I used to do a lot of whatever I could at the Hospice that took care of my Mother. When I get back to being 100% myself, I hope to go back to doing that. And I have volunteered at the granddaughter's school quite often, when I have time away from mine. We are not at the same school. And anytime there is a fundraiser that has to do with cancer, I'm in!


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For years, I moderate this forum whose admin is producing Chronicles of Rickroll movie. :lol:

I'm also Social Media Director for a liquor company specialising in premium vodka. Not so much for sales but to help the product more attractive to distributors.

I used to sing with a choir (only the section leaders are paid) and I chaperone children to school every Thursday mornings.


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Help at school. I sometimes do some of my classmates' assignment.... And I call it charity work. Wow Miss Ysabel, I see you're an amazing person.


I'd prefer to do for free something that I enjoy doing.
Starting from singing, taking pictures or being a host of any program on the radio or TV. I could also help at Charities or Hospitals. But these would be second choices, not first ones.


Creeping On You
I don't anymore, but I used to go every thursday night to help out with the youth group at my church. Did it for about 4 years. Unfortuneatly, I haven't been able to get a ride out to help out anymore. End of an era haha.


Son of Liberty
I coached little league Football for about 3 years. It was fantastic time, I wish I had the time and money to do it again.

I also coached bantam hockey for about 2 years, again... a huge blast.. but if I could do it over I'd want to coach a younger age bracket. Bantams are assholes who think they are masters of the universe and that you're only there to inconvenience them :hah:.

I've done multiple Photog Gigs for a couple occasions. Most of which just trying to get my name out there, some of which paid off in the long run.

There are a few other Physical Services I've provided for free, I do alot of construction for just about anyone that asks. Painting, Concrete, Framing, Wood Work, I've got acceptable experience in these areas.