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What do you do after receiving a card?


What do you do/how do you act after receiving a card from a friend?
Do you thank them? Do you say anything about it or you just act like you didn't receive anything?

Usually I let them know that I received their card and I thank them about it.

I sent someone a Xmas/NYE card from Albania and not only didn't he thank me but he also didn't let me know that he had received my card, firstly. [We Skype everyday, btw]. Today I asked him if he had received my card and he said yes and then said nothing.... and after a couple of hours he skyped me again talking about something else.
I don't think that's normal. :shifteyes: lol..


Sally Twit
Very strange that he wouldn't thank you. Rude actually.

I always thank someone if I receive a card. It's the courteous thing to do. I usually follow it up with 'It was sweet' or something along those lines.


Where is my Queen?
When I recieve a card I typically send an Email or a pm to let them know that i recieved it and thank them. It's always nice to know that somebody that I haven't seen in awhile still remembers me.


yellow 4!
Yep I will always thank someone for sending a card in a scenario like the one you mentioned. Though if it's just a standard holiday/birthday card from a relative or whatever, I will only really mention it if I speak to them soon after by just dropping a "oh and thanks for the card" into conversation.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I think it depends what kind of card it is. I am not going to contact each person who sent me a birthday card or Christmas card and thank them for sending it.

The only time I would is if I saw them in person or was talking to them or something.

I got a get well card from the people at work when I was sick for a month and I also got one from work when my grandpa died...for those instances I thanked them.


Registered Member
I send them a card back....via snail mail :)


Registered Member
It depends on the card here! :lol: If it's from an older relative I usually say something about the card and send them an e-card. If it's from one of my cousins or friends, I decide what to say about the card (depends on the card) then either send them a cool e-card or one they didn't wanna get! :D But hey, no way I ignore them. And if the card's cool (or nasty) enough, I usually try to catch them in chat first! :D
And it's the same for snail cards too.
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Registered Member
Freeking Hallmark.
A card is an open invitation for more communication. You can choose to communicate more or not.
I think Hallmark holidays are dumb.

I enjoy sending cards.
I don't just send them at birthdays or anniversarys or other special days...I also send them on "just because" days :)
People like me keep the Hallmark company happy~


Registered Member
if someone sends me a card i normally spit on it then chuck it away!

lol oj
normally i will thank them for it the next time i speak to them...it would be rude not too.