What do you consider filler?


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At first when I first started watching anime I considered filler a comedic episode that doesnt really advance the plot or is a sidestory.

Then I saw entire animes with several episodes like this...

My most recent definition of filler is an episode that strays or is not based of the manga. But I still see episodes that dont advance the plot much as filler but if I found out they were in the manga I dont consider it filler...

How do you define filler?

NOTE: Filler episodes to me are really really bad...


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A filler is when they cut away from the story to do something dumb or help people out something that doesn't advance the story at all. I agree with your definition of fillers based on the manga. If it happened
in the manga then it's fine by me at least they kept to the manga(it makes me mad when they don't). And if you know me I HATE filers too.


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Well if the Anime has no manga, you tell because if you dont even watch the episode you dont miss anything in the main story. Sometimes it has nothing to do with the show NOTHING!!! I guess a couple fillers here and there arent too bad, but too much can be the death of an Anime. Its basically a waste of animation it does nothing to improve or further the plot of the story.


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I usually just define it as something that was made specifically for the anime and therefore wasn't in the manga.

They can be pretty bad and go way off character... I'm glad I don't care for Naruto enough to watch anymore of it, because I heard it's fillers are awful.