What do you consider art?


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As the title says, what do you consider art?
I'm not looking for dictionary definitions, but personal responses.

Recently I've had several conversations about this. I 'inherited my grandad's view of art, or at least more modern forms. The view being that if you can easily do it yourself, it's not art. I'm referring to such things as this bed by Tracy Emin:

Rather than art, I would be inclined to say that that's what people wake up to every morning.

And art along the lines of Rothko,

two simple coloured squares, surely cannot compare to more classical, talented work such as this:

But lately I've been reconsidering. I asked somebody how a 'town' made of white cardboard boxes could be considered art, when anybody can plan it out and make it. He said things such as it's not the difficulty involved but that it provokes thought.
Now I'm trying to be more open minded about what is considered art.

So to repeat, what do you consider art? Is it the message the artist is trying to convey or just the work at face value? And can editing a photo using software be considered art? [views on this caused a disagreement with my gf :innocent::pinch:]

And two disclaimers: I searched for similar topics, but 'art' is too small a word to get searched, and I looked through the art forum. Nothing like this, hope I'm not copying anyone.
Sorry if I get terms such as modern and classic wrong, I'm no expert and I'm using those words loosely here.


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I like classical art, such as Da Vinci (I also count his feats of engineering art, as well), Van Gogh, Etc. I don't care too much for moder art. I also consider "good" music art. NO MODERN JUNK FOR ME

OH! AND how could I forget architecture? Me wanting to be architect. As opposed to my previous comment, Modern architecture i find more artful
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I think that a lot of things can be considered art.


What I would consider to be art is a unique creation by an individual that is appealing to the senses.

Dictionary.com puts it nicely.
the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.


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I tend to be more impressed by the creativity that goes into your more abstract and expressionist pieces, than by the mastery of some odd technique. Both are impressive--don't get me wrong--but if I practiced long enough I could get pretty good at some odd technique myself. On the other hand, I would have never even thought to do a lot the more impressive contemporary stuff.
I don't consider abstract or twisting metal into different shapes art. I consider art something appealing to the eyes, took time on and doesn't look like a 5 year old did it. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up: if the "art" looks like it could have been done by a five year old, then I don't consider it art.


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I consider poetry a very underrated form of art. I've been writing it since I was 13. I just think it's a great way to express yourself.


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When I was in high school I took tons and tons of Art classes, I think I averaged something like 2 classes of art a year. But I always had the same Teacher and thanks to her thats where I learned to appreciate all kinds of art no matter how difficult it was to create or how miniscule the appeal is. She always tried to pound through our heads that Art is anything that someone put emotion into. A simple building across the street is a work of art when portrayed in the sense that, it could have had someones heart and soul put into the designing and then the hard work and sweat labor that went into actually constructing it. As a huge fan of Architecture at the time that statement rang true and I was able to quickly pick up on what she was saying. So yeah evne in the cases of the two squares, if theres the right kind of emotion dumped into it you can bet I'd consider it art.


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I think art is anything that is beautiful in its complexity. Of course, there could be some that could argue the meanings of "beautiful" and "complex", but I think that anything that invokes thought, and the people who are thinking want to think about it is art. Under that, I believe a lot of different things could be considered art, from the given painting and drawing that is art, all the way to politics and law, and anything else that could be considered complex.
i think art is an expression of life, which I suppose can be pretty much anything. But I don't consider something to be art unless there is emotion behind it.