What do you collect?


rainbow 11!
Is there anything that you collect? Cards? T-Shirts? Cats? (o_O)

Like, anything at all. I collect super balls! This really tiny balls that can bounce like 1000000ft off the ground. I have like 25 of them, I think.


A Darker Knight
I used to collect marbles. Any and all marbles were fine. But then they became heavy and took up space. Now I have a huge beer bottle full of quarters I'm trying to fill up.


For a Free Scotland
I have about 150 stuffed animals, San Jose Sharks programs from as far back as 1996, other San Jose Sharks merchandise, and a bunch of maps. Currently I have a map of the world by the door, a map of Europe by the window, and a map of the Earth at night inbetween.


No Custom Title Exists
I had a huge collection of Yu-Gi-Oh cards, about over 3000 cards. And I used to collect marbles.

I have over about 50 stuffed toys of my fave soccer team, basketball team..23 toys of La Lakers and 20 toys of Inter Milan and 7 toys of Liverpool

Time Lord

Comic books. I have a couple that are worth a grand or two according to the comic book guides.


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Hats(A Must!)
Manga Books
Yu-Gi-Oh Cards
Anime related things
Graphic things like cool looking notebooks, etc.

Yeah that's all I can think of that I collect on a regular and constant basis^^


I collect books and dishes and some other stuff.Boring.
My husband collects video game systems.We have Attaris,Calleco,Sega,Virtual Boy,at least one or more of every game boy,the first nintendo and the 64,PS1 and 2, an Xbox, and our latest the psp.Plus games for all. I may have missed a game or two.He also collects Starwars figures and comic books.He used to collect a lot more stuff but family comes first.


does he have those old-school arcade machines?
He wishes! We had one once that didn't work he was gonna fix it but didn't end finding the time to do so and it just wound up taking up space in our garage so we got rid of it.I have a cousin who also collects video games and is in collage to become a video game designer,he had a couple that were also broken and was willing to give them to my hubby but I put my foot down.They are so big and take up so much room plus they were broke and even if they weren't they were sports games.Boring!!!Id consider letting him get one when we have more room and if it was already in working order.I would prefer it be a game we all would enjoy like frogger or pac-man or super mario maybe centipede.