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What do you collect?


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Random Stuff Collection

Since the film Inception came out I've actually found the name for the little oddities I like to stockpile. They are totems.

I got a Cluedo Dagger, a weird spongy ball thing, a paperweight in the shape of a golf ball, a weird dice, a small Lego Lex Luthor, a pin badge of some Charlie Brown character, a glass noughts and crosses thing, one of the little blokes from Subbuteo and a load of other random little things.

I like them. I keep them well, and although none of this junk performs any real function other than the Cluedo dagger and maybe the paperweight - I hold onto them. Dunno why, I just like this shite.

You got any little bits and bobs like these?
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I've been mostly collecting coins all my life so I can wrap them in coin tubes and change them into currency. Since 2000, I've been saving coins and changing them into currency for the Christmas season.


Problematic Shitlord
I've always collected trading card games be it YuGiOh, Magic or Pokemon (when I was younger). Other than that, the only thing I really have is a box of old movie stubs going back almost 10+ years.


Son of Liberty
I have a huge collection of baseball cards and football cards going back to when I was a kid. I have a big collection of Superman items, comic books, toys, dolls, piggy banks, lunch boxes, and Marilyn Monroe items as well. I also collect watches, I now have probably about 18 or so watches.

Oh, books, how could I forget. I have about 400 or so books as well.
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Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I've actually started liquedating my collections recently. I've sold most of my video game collection, my entire DVD collection, my baseball card collection (mostly), and have lost half of my book collection because of a bad experience moving. I don't know what I would want to collect now. I would love to get back to collecting classic video games again.


Sally Twit
DVD's. Our DVD rack is literally filled with my stuff alone. My boyfriend has had to keep a lot of his stuff in a suitcase, purely because I want my collection on show. I know it's selfish, but my collection is just so much better than his. lol


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Things I want to start collecting once I get a job I can keep for longer than a week:

There are a lot of different and new companies making headphones today and I want to collect them. Its something I think a lot about. I enjoy reading reviews about headphones too.

Japanese Antiques
I would really like to have some tansu chests. And other things that are not religious items.


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Well, let's see! I collect so many things that I'll most likely forget to mention a few of them.

Stamps - mostly USA, but I also have quite a bunch from when I lived in from South Korea. USA stamps never get valuable it seems because the Postal Service prints more of every stamp than will ever be needed and then stores them in the vaults and calls it "retained earnings". So, when I discovered that, it really cut back on my interest in USA stamps. When I lived in South Korea though, when they issue a new commemorative stamp they only print a limited number and the new ones are generally sold out on the day of issue. I have no idea of their value though.

Knives - as does Crouton - and also Philippine machetes. I only have a couple of dozen and have none of them with me here in Japan. I do have a couple of limited edition blades manufactured by Buck 40 years ago.

Rocks and Stones, but that has really been cut back on in recent years too, just no place to keep or store them, but when I was growing up my family would go on rock-hounding vacations. At one time I had them all cataloged with a little white mark on each one with an inked number in each little mark, along with an index card for each different type. I still have a few of the very best of them and still pick up really unique pieces which I see.

Weird and interesting pieces of wood. One really cool piece which I found around a year ago is this one:


I only found one knot - the photo collages just show it from all 4 sides. The top collage is looking straight on and the bottom collage was taken to show off the piece of wood it's mounted on a bit better. It was, of course, very rough when it was found, I spent probably about 100 hours sanding it by hand before putting about 8 coats of finish on it and then using #000 steel wool on it for the sheen. It's called a powderhorn knot, as it's shaped like a powderhorn. God alone knows how old it might be. The tree which it came from probably grew hundreds of years ago, then it died, or at least fell down, in the forest. Then for possibly a hundred years the wood rotted away from this pitch filled knot. Then, how many years did it lay on the forest floor waiting for me to come and find it? Amazing to think about.

DVD's. My DVD collection can be found here:
Daniel Wieczorek's DVDs Owned Page 1 of 7

Coins. But not so many nowadays. In high school I had a great collection, but when I went off to university most of them were stolen from my father's home by babysitters and it was never realized until way too long after the fact. When I was in middle school a friend and I would make weekly trips to the police parking meter collection room and buy $50 worth of pennies and take them home and sort through them. It was also a time when it was possible to go to the USA banks and buy uncirculated silver dollars for $1! They were old ones - from the 1880's. That was one of the items which I was very sad to see stolen. Nowadays I only collect coins that are to be discontinued.

Like a couple of people above, tools! I built my own house in Alaska and therefore HAD to have lots of various tools. I have loved playing with/doing things with tools since I was a small boy.

T-Shirts. But, only from several years ago. My T-Shirt collection contains mostly only quite old ones which are in brand new condition.

And, I think that's all, but I may have to edit this post when I realize that I forgot something.
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Free Spirit
Staff member
I collect old dishes like Fire king and I have a coin collection too. I also have a really old toothpick holder that looks like a woodpecker pecking on a log that is made out of metal. I also have an old cup that may be from occupied Japan but not 100% sure on that. Then I have this old oriental water pitcher but not sure how old it is or if its valuable or not.