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What do you believe?


Registered Member
Here are some questions. . What do you believe in life? I mean what do you believe and follow? . Do you believe in a higher power, such as spirits, God, goddesses or angels? Are you perhaps Buddhist, Hindu, Shinto, or any other major world religion?. Maybe perhaps you don't believe in any religion at all. . Do you then believe in evolution how the world began?. . Well anything pretty much goes.

Please answer what your belief is. Even if it's believing in yourself, friends or movies stars. This is an everyone participation post. However, this isn't a debate post. . Rather this post is about sharing what we believe without telling the other person that you're more right and they're more wrong. . We want everyone to share freely what they believe. .

Now please listen. You can however ask questions about ones believes. Then you'll learn more. . Also you can make comparisons of the similar and different things that we believe from other. . For example you can say, “Well we both go to church. But you don't eat meat on Friday. Our church doesn't have those rules. What kind of building do you attend? You go to church on Saturday and I go on Sundays and Wednesdays”. . See that's not arguing that is only making similar and or what is different between our beliefs. So feel free to ask others about what one believes. . Try to find what is similar and what's different from person to person. . That's if you want to. . If you don't want to ask questions or make any observation at least post what your faith is. . We want this to be peaceful.

Here are some things you can talk about. Maybe perhaps a book you read that supports your belief. Talk about your way of dressing if that's included in what you believe. You can talk about leaders that turn the belief system. You can say whether you practice this everyday or just on occasion. .. the only kind of things not permitted is things like sacrificing cats or something harming young children. . That's just too far out of hand. It's simply evil and cruel to harm the animals and children. So you kind of know what I'm talking about. I'm talking mostly about major belief systems whether one or not believe in a higher power or not.

Who would like to be first?. . If you have any questions how this work just ask right here on this post ,. I will be glad to answer.