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What direction should CNN go?

What direction should CNN go?

  • Go Conservative And Thus, Head-To-Head With FOX

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Son of Liberty
CNN has always been labeled as being leftist (Clinton News Network, Communist News Network) but I've always found them to be pretty fair. Some may disagree with me but I really like Anderson Cooper. I've seen him really question some on the right, and the other day I saw him grill Debbie Wasserman Shultz on something she was misquoting. I actually like CNN and hope to see it come back. Maybe those in the article are right, they just need to fire a bunch of those that work there and start all over. I hope whatever direction they take I hope they are successful. I know I watched part of the RNC on CNN last night and I thought they were pretty fair.


Registered Member
Every "News" Channel needs a make-over, but all of them are going to be bash one side while praising the other.

There's no fixing it, it'll be like this until we're all long gone.


Registered Member
I'd say they should simply report the "truth". Though that wont' ever frickin happen here in the states. If we quit all the bullshit cold turkey then people might litterally die. I"m so fed up with news that I hardly even watch it anymore. I skip around differnt news stations to see just what they actually report and what they don't. but if we could find a truely neutral non-biased news source that would tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth as if under oath then we would be in good shape. However it would probably go out of buisness quickly as the other stations and political individuals would slander the crap out of it for telling the truth.


rainbow 11!
I do think cnn can be more bias towards the left, but they are the most fair and neutral news station of them all. I won't watch fox news at all nor msnbc.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I just wish they would all tell the truth instead of trying to make one side or the other look good or bad. Opinion shows are fine as long as its not billed as news and maybe they should say the show is left or right. When they have guest on some of them will let the side they agree with have all the time they want, where if its someone they don't agree with they get cut off.


not a plastic bag
They need to ditch that Piers Morgan guy. But they do have some good talent. I think CNN just isn't as fast, sleek and modern as Fox or the others. I can't put my finger on it, but Fox for example seems to be really geared toward people in their 20ish-40ish. CNN just seems 40ish+ to me. I'm not sure why it seems like that, that's just the impression I get.


Well-Known Member
I've really had not problems with CNN, it's what I watch when I can besides the regular morning/afternoon/evening news. I have the app on my phone to update me on new events when they happen.

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