What Did You Learn Today?


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So I personally believe that we learn new things everyday. It's what makes life interesting really. So come back here and post what you learned... :D


Today, I learned something about cats. I was wondering how come when I'd give my cat a new toy she'd have her mouth open... Kinda looks funny really.

After googling, I found out that it's a special way of smelling and usually it means they are excited. Ah...​


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I learned that saturns rings are only 100 meters tall but like way wide... and that little moons keep the rings... in place?

and i learned that saturns rings are mostly made of ice.. and i learned that saturn is 10% less dense then water and that saturn is either 5 or 10 times the distance from the sun as earth... i forget...

also i learend that saturns moon titan is larger then mercury!

go saturn!!1 :D


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1) Hugh Laurie is British
2) The downstairs toilet is quite roomy when cleared out
3) Universe at War on the 360 has some slow-down issues and I think my money would have been better spent on something else (or the PC version)
4) I currently suck arse at SOLDAT
5) That bloke still hasn't contacted mum & her partner about this new house
6) iHacker is still not yet available to the public


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I learned that scientists recently created stem cells using a new technique that could help speed up efforts to find treatment for Huntington's Disease.
That grass types are weak against flying. |:
Also, flying is good against fighting. Good to know. |:
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How to disassemble a sterio...now I just need to figure out how to salvage the aplifier, power supply, volume control and in/out puts...anyone got help? Dave?


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How much irritability I have for having to reformat drives over and over again because the blasted things are effed up. Its 10 PM and I'm still doing this crap. Gotta finish getting this ISO from my friends FTP then burn it, then pop in another drive and pray it all works lol