What Did You Get Your Mum?


Ms. Malone
It's Mothering Sunday! And it'll be interesting to know who forgot, lol. I'm kidding.

Seriously though, what did everyone get their mum?

I bought my mum a bobble the owl plush. It's so cute, she loves it!
nothing yet. parents getting a divorce and my mom has become distant...mom and dad cant get along and when she sees me every time its to talk about divorce crap and i dont feel like hearing it so i go away.


Luc said:
When is mothers day?
- considering I dont know what your talking about, I didn't get my mom anything.
ditto - it better not be mothers day!! if it is im screwed

Anonym0uz Bitch

I was going to say its not Mothers Day, I know Fathers Day is in June beacause its soon after my dads birthday, and Mothers Day is the month before....which is May.