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Discuss What did you do after school?


Sally Twit
After a day at school, what would you do when the bell rang? Did you run home to study? Hang out with friends until dark? Stay back for after school detention?

Unless a friend had invited me over for tea, I would always go home to see my folks first. After that I would always be out with friends. On the days I had homework I would get it finished but sometimes I'd be completing it on the school bus the next morning. I don't recommend that, kids!
My parents didn't get to see me that much when I was a teenager. :(


Registered Member
I pretty much always went home, but what I did after that varied. Sometimes I just stayed home and did chores/homework/etc, sometimes I watched TV/played video games, sometimes I took off for a friend's house.


Registered Member
It totally depends on what's happening. But when nothing's happening, I go home and turn on my desktop. Check threads and posts at maybe 5-10 sites and check messages (prolly 10 minutes, sometimes more). Get cleaned up and hang with friends, that usually includes pizza or some other cafe. Get home at some random time, listen to music, play video games, and usually get back online at some forums. The last thing I do is homework. Chores are random. Finally go to bed.


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I did bit of both actually, on days that I don't have homework, we'll hang around for a bit, have a kick of footy and muck around, other days it was just homework. It was a good balance actually.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Played sports for the most part. I was both in Basketball and Baseball competitively so my entire attention was in to those two sports after school was done. Most of the time it was at school itself, so it wasn't all that bad.

When I was younger, I used to just take the yellow bus to my babysitters house, and stayed there a couple of hours till my parents came and got me and my brother.


Son of Liberty
Like BR most of my time after school was spent in athletics, whether it be practice or a game, for whatever sport was in season at the time. I didn't have many days of going straight home after school because of that. I still had my chores to do and my homework once I got home, though.


Registered Member
I'd always go home first, get some food. If it was a week day I would usually play football or go play snooker something like that. If I couldn't be bothered I'd do just what I am doing right now, watch a movie/spend the night on my laptop/PC.

Nearly every friday night was house party night at my friends. We would take round some beer we usually stole from the garage or got some older guy to buy us it. It seemed pretty badass back then. Listen to music and talk. Good Times. One time though some dick heads gatecrashed and chased us around all night. They trashed a bus too, so we were all running from the police aswell as these pricks. We ended up sleeping in a cemetery


Certified Shitlord
Unless I went straight to a friend's house, I always went straight to either my game console of choice at the time or I'd wander around the woods outside our house.


Primary School I would just go home, watch afterschool cartoons etc. High School it depends. Sometimes I would hang out with friends, most of the time I just went home and spend the night on my computer or playing games and (occasionally) doing homework.