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What did Santa bring you?


Sally Twit
I got more than I expected this Christmas. I had to tell my parents off because not only did they buy me lots of presents, they also gave me money. They're too good to me.

I got a Pandora charm and an iPod Touch from my boyfriend.

I got a book about Jack the Ripper from my parents, which looks fascinating. My parents also got me a book about Family Guy, a little Stewie figure, some socks, a hand cream and lip balm set, a hand lotion set and some perfume.

From various friends I got a jewellery box, a scarf, DVD's, sweets, some things for my new flat and perfume.

I got money from my grandma. Again I had to tell her off because she gave me too much.

My sister and brother-in-law got me a Pandora charm and an old 90's board game called Dreamphone. I can't explain how amazing it was that they got me that game lol. Basically when I was younger I was obsessed with it and my sister was babysitting once and this kid loved the phone from the board game and he asked if he could borrow it. Don't ask me why! Anyway they had a fire at their house (nobody was hurt) and they lost a lot of stuff, including the phone! Needless to say I could no longer play the game so we had to throw it away. So yeah it was amazing that she remembered after all these years. We even played it on Christmas day!


Uncharted 1, Uncharted 2, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Modern Warfare 2
Community season 1
Fringe season 1
Scrubs season 9
Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King
New cell phone

That's all I can remember.


Do What Thou Wilt
From my parents, I got:
Kobalt Tool Chest (which is too damn much, i had to tell them off for that)
Candy (lots of tic tacs, some mints called Certs, Ghiradellis, Ferrero Rocher (which is sort of a tradition), and a shitty Wonka Bar)
2010 Crossroads Festival DVD
West Coast Seatle Boy: Jimi Hendrix Anthology
They also got a 27in LCD TV for my sister and I, which, I had to tell them off for as well.

From my grandparents and uncle i got: 2X 35$ Lowes Gift cards, 50$, and a 50$ American Express Gift Card. They could have given more considering the huge money they steal from us. :mad:

My cousin got me a 25$ Barns and Noble Gift card, and Ironically, the 2010 Crossroads Festival DVD. :lol:

My boss gave me 20 dollars in addition to a whole week of House sitting. 200 Dollars total. :D

And I bought myself some Piloti Prototipos....

So, I'm satisfied with all I got, but I wish My parents spent less on me, but, I can't complain.

Come next week I'll have nearly 300 Bucks to get my tool collection going.
And still have 50 bucks to spend on Weed. :lol:


Registered Member
hey bliss which book about jack the ripper did you get? I've been looking for a nonfiction one but haven't found one yet


Sally Twit
hey bliss which book about jack the ripper did you get? I've been looking for a nonfiction one but haven't found one yet
It's called 'Jack the Ripper: The Casebook' and it's by Richard Jones. I haven't read any of it yet but it includes letters which you can take out of the book.


Son of Liberty
I didnt ask for anything... and I hardly got anything. So the fact that I did get anything was more than what I asked for and I was greatly appreciative for that.

My dad got me a gift card to a local restaurant... my mom got Kim and I stuff for our future house (small electric appliances like a toaster, waffle maker, etc.)

Kim was the only one I asked anything from and she delivered. All I asked for was "Heavy Rain" (PS3) or "Hurt Locker" (DVD). She ended up getting me both to which I was more than appreciative of.

My Cousin (also my Best Man) had drawn me for this years Christmas... Because we're one of those retarded families that does the "lets draw names" thing... he got me "Medal of Honor" (PS3) and a Can of Cherry Coke with a Can Topper on it. I know that sounds weird... but he and I usually go out of our way to get the most abstract, random gift we can :hah:


Where is my Queen?
Santa Claus got me;

Fable 3
Smallville Season 9
XBox Kinect
A new bed
Socks and a crapload clothes
NCAA Football 2011
And a few giftcards


I gave nothing, received nothing! LOL.
It's not a habit of mine to deal with gifts on Christmas day.


Registered Member
I always get more than I ask for but I was like wtf!? this year! I asked my dad for a skateboard. Well, I got an Almost skateboard with a Lewis Marnell Impact Cut-Ups deck, a new 3.06 MHz Intel computer in an awesome black light-up computer case to-die-for, a black keyboard, a 750 Gb hard-drive, CD & DVD drives, a Fellows mouse, a new Cybershot camera, and some other things! From the grands I got a Cabelos 3-in-1 winter coat and ti-di socks and ti-di t-shirts! I gave a droid, a TI-84 plus calculator, a new monitor, and some other things. But I def feel sorta guilty with everything I got. But it was DEF an awesome holiday!!
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Registered Member
My children got me UGG boots...not the knock-offs, the real deal.
I got a complete champagne and light pink bedroom comforter set, set in Victorian style....I love Victorian :)
I got a few more Miche bag shells, last year I got the Miche bag...and so this year, I got a few more shells to have new designs for my purse!
I got a gift certificate for $50 to the steak house.
A new keyboard for my computer........a new DVD player.......
My ex husband gave me cash and a God damn cockatiel which I hope doesn't die on me!
I got a $50 gift card to Books-A-Million.
A digital picture frame.......I already have 2, but oh well.
And from my someone special in Cyprus, he got me all the following....he sent me flowers, plus chocolates from Nicosia, plus a lovely coffee mug that says FUCK CANCER.....and a beautiful elegant negligee set..oo-la-la....and a bottle of Jean Paul Gaultier MaDame perfume (strong stuff) *I think he loves me*
And I also got a special gift from my sons and their wives, it is something in memory of my Mother......but I'm not going into detail (I'll cry).....when I opened it on Christmas, I put a screeching halt to the festivities for about 10 minutes with my tears *ha*...but it was very nice...my entire Christmas was grand :)
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