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What did Obama say?!?


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Problematic Shitlord
This author is the same guy who is going through the courts for defamation right? Yep, it is. With a reputation like he has, I'm willing to bet this is probably not as reliable as people would like to believe.

Reading the article, they simply refused to reveal the full tape which is strange but nothing scandalous. But if you actually follow the link trail, it sounds a lot more like he referred to federal employees as slugs, not Americans as a whole. The author of your article makes this assumption as do you. I'd be very inclined to agree with Obama on that statement, too.


For a Free Scotland
Breitbart has already released several false and misleading recordings, thus his 'journalism' doesn't count for squat.

Get a legitimate source, then we'll talk.


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no Idea....about Breitbart and who say media on their knee before osama they are totally laid flat before him.