What did Jesus do?

Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by FutureTrackStar, Dec 23, 2009.

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    So, it seems as if Jesus Christ's name has been spoken more than anybody else's since His death/resurrection (whether you agree with that statement or not, it's beside the point). Whether you believe that Christ was literally God incarnate or not, you have got to admit that He's a pretty famous dude...

    What do you think He did to become so famous?

    (This question is mostly directed to non-Christians since we all know what He (supposedly) did to become so famous)

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    Now, I already know what a lot of Agnostics and Atheist go with: He never existed, He existed, but didn't have any miraculous abilities, He existed, but only as a Carpenter, ect... To me, it seems as if they throw all these theories to try to convince a real Christian that he wasn't as holy as we all think. To make a small pebble size dink in Christianity. It's just blasphemy to me.
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    Since you asked, I don't mind replying.
    He became famous because people continuously spoke about the miraculous things he did.
    It doesn't matter whether or not he did what they say he did but the fact that you speak about anyone continuously eventually they will be known world wide. Take any famous person who is known throughout the world. How did they become famous? The exact same way.
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    You clearly have very little idea of what an agnostic will think of Jesus probably due to your bias as an actual Christian (compared to these Christmas Christians you see today). I think Jesus existed, his name appears in the pages of history meaning he shows up under more than one occasion according to different people. I think Jesus' supposed holiness is the problem. See, because people get so concerned with this idea of him being divine that they forget his most important achievement were the messages he brought. He preached peace, community, and understanding, a few things missing from most modern Christian worship.

    I honestly see Jesus as one of my favorite people from history. However, I don't see a point of importance when it comes to him being divine or not and people like you vilky can sit there and just blurt "blasphemer" all you want, it just makes you look foolish. I think people need to pay more attention to the message and not the man. Even Jesus thought so since he sacrificed himself for what he believed to be the greater good of humanity.
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    - That's His greatest achievement? Preaching, essentially, the Golden Rule?

    I think you are forgetting the whole thing where He provided a means for salvation to the entire world... I think that's pretty important.

    - Jesus did not think His message was more important than His death. Why do you think He preached, "I am the way, the truth and the life. No man shall come to the Father except through Me."
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    Irregardless it's no reason to be an ass. Most of the english speaking world knows of the miracles of Jesus so I see no reason to need to talk about the specifics. I knew what she meant by her post and I'm sure every one else did as well. In fact you were even able to quote some miracles he did.
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    - If by "he did miraculous things" Boredie meant "He literally performed miracles", then I apologize for being an ass.
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    He copied previous enlightenments (eg. Elijah) knowing it would fulfil a few pipe dreams for those disillusioned by modern(for the time) Judaism as it has been suppressed and corrupted under Roman governance, these people needed a hero(bit like Moses had been previously) and these peoples would of been in their prime to be convinced they were a witness to a miracle when they were at most only witness to an astonishing spectacle and these people then self perpetuated that belief into the belief of christianity. These people needed a savior so they created one in Jesus.

    People are fickle creatures and will believe anything they want to believe. Even more so in times past and even more so again when you have a social/political/religious/military upheaval. Jesus caught the imagination of a few people that then snowballed, the rest is history.
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    Well, either you're bullshitting around, or I'm going to hell.
    You should know that NONE of the people who actually KNEW jesus wrote the bible. People who knew the people who knew jesus wrote the GOspels, most of them from word of mouth. What happens when word of mouth spreads? it gets exagerated, it gets blown up, and a few lies slip in there. Then their is the COuncil of Mycea in the 4th century, which was established by The Holy ROman Emperor COnstantine (hehehe Cons), to decide what will become the official Bible. They sorted through several Dozen gospels, several versions of each gospels in fact, and then they left most of them out. For example, their was a Gospel from Judas Iscariot and MAry Magdalene. Mary depicted jesus as a family man, with a wife, and possibly a child in the wake. and Judas Iscariot's painted him as the dearest friend of jesus, who then hanged himself for sending his best friend to his grave. The point is, the COuncil of Mycea WANTED jesus to be divine, so they censured the Bible, maybe even some of its best parts, to MAKE him that. Any possible divinity he had was made up.

    Being a SCIENTIFIC CHRISTIAN, I believe Jesus was a man, not the son of god, but a man, and the greatest prophet this world has seen. He delivered messages of peace, of love, of acceptance, of brotherhood, all things that modern christians seem to ignore seeing the intolerance for other peoples choices, including gay rights, abortion, drugs. I don't think jesus would care if someone he knew did hash, or aborted their baby, he'd love them all the same.
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    That depends on how much of the fairy tale you believe. Obviously, you believe in far more than I do. Jesus died because his ideas were radical, far too radical for the Romans to tolerate. His ideas of people being communal, caring for the sick, poor, and disadvantaged were ridiculous to people of those times.

    Whether or not he actually gave us salvation no one will ever know until they die so we can't really argue this. Believe what you want, you can't prove it and I can't disprove it meaning we're at a stalemate and arguing it much further would be fruitless.

    Probably because someone put those words in his mouth. The big problem with the myths and stories of Jesus are that he wrote none of them. Thus, we are not placing our faith in Jesus but in those who wrote about him and writers back then were just as driven by their own agendas as writers are today. Thus, we can't really rely on what people claim Jesus said and instead, we must rely on what we know that he did. Action is far more important than words. If Jesus cared more about his own celebrity status, he would have fought when he was captured but he didn't. He died because he wanted to be that example, to show people their barbarism and what their ferocity was capable of, killing an innocent man because he wished to join people together.

    Jesus was effectively, the first well-known hippie in history.

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