What could be wrong with me?


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I have failed my last 3 semsters at college. All my previous semesters at college and at highschool I used to love school and get straight A's. I used to be in all kinds of honor programs and had a 3.9 gpa.

But for some reason these last 3 semesters it seems that for some reason my mind keeps telling me that I shouldn't care. I'll be in class taking down notes when my mind will kinda say to me "stop taking notes they are boring, get outta this class and go have fun", I will then argue with myself mentally and say "no, I need to take these notes to understand the material and pass the class so I can get my associates degree".

I don't really get why my mind is saying this since it's not like I'm some party animal or anything. I've always been home by curfew when I was younger. I don't drink or smoke or hang out with people who do so I don't get why my mind is trying to get me to be a party animal.

This will happen like everyday at every class and will cause me to miss some things that the teacher has written on the board. This has caused me to not fully understand all the material and therefore have failed my classes. I haven't told my parents because they said that they would cut me off finacially and kick me out if I failed my classes.

My gpa has gone all the way down to a 1.8! What might be wrong? I wanna pass my classes so badly so I can get my associates degree and continue on with my life but it seems I just won't let myself.


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You need to tell yourself that you can have fun later. College costs money man you definitely need to just pay attention and be attentive during class, don't let yourself be distracted.


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You need to take a break.

I'm going through a similar deal. I've always been a very top notch student, but have just lacked interest in the last few semesters and I've seen my A's turn to B's and some even drop to C's. Very unlike me, So when it comes to college I figured it will always be there, as Long as I have the desire to learn I will always have that opportunity to go.

I have every intention of returning next spring, I just feel that the human mind can only take so much at once. You sound as though you are also working... so am I, Full time College Student, Full time Employee, with a Full time Fiance hahaha.... talk about a stress load. I skipped out on this spring and I have noticed a difference in myself, I plan on taking 1 more semester before I return to fully recooperate.

Just take some time to yourself. Sit back and re-adjust. Things will put themselves back together when you are happy with yourself. Until then they will just continue to spiral into worse situations.
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I'm trying not to be distracted. Also I know college is expensive since I'm basically paying for all of it. The only thing my parents help with money-wise is maybe helping to buy a book or two if I'm short on cash, well that and giving me a place to live :) The thing is I don't get why I'm becoming like this since I never used to be this way at all nor do I wanna be this way. I used to be a straight A student but after my second semester in college, out of nowhere, I just couldn't concentrate on anything.


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Also in my experience I noticed when I first started College I felt like I was only going for my parents or those around me. I'll be the first from my family to graduate from College so I felt a real pressure of that on my shoulders.

It took me a while to shake that pressure off, I really had to convince myself that No... I'm going to college for myself not for everyone else. Doing that helped me out quite a bit also.


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Well, all that initial schoolwork probably drove your mind into wanting some fun. Maybe deep inside you've wanted to stray away from that work? I think you may want to consider goat's advice and take a break, get some perspective. Maybe work for a bit, enjoy yourself a little and build up the motivation again to return and kick some scholarly ass.


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I was going to say something along what Merc said. When I read that you used to get all As and whatnot, I immediately thought you pushed yourself too hard early on. Now you're mind is telling you to cool it.

If you can afford it, do some traveling or go on a vacation. It doesn't have to be far away.


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No offense amj, but you got anything else to say except "agreed"? Just saying because we're all so going to rag on you if you make posts like that.


I like the traveling idea though. It just comes down to giving yourself some time to chill and let some of these desires for fun to fade a bit. I mean, you can obviously have fun and go to school, you just need to find a healthy balance.

Also, not to be pointing fingers at problems, but what do you do for fun? I only ask because I've heard all sorts of issues from people suffering from lack of motivation, but the most common one I hear comes from kids who play way too many video games. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love my damn games (more than I should sometimes) but that shit can really throw you off course.
Yes- I did have more to say. I already got an infraction for it-.

But I figured i'd 'agree' so he knew someone else thought so too..Well anyways- here's my thoughts written out.

I think you need to take a vacation. And no, it doesn't have to be far away. Go to the mall- go to the park- go somewhere- wherever- it can be 10 minutes away- and just chill out. Get your mind off of school, and just have fun.


And smile.

After all- it's good for you- like breathing :D