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What compells you?


Babeasaurus Sex
In the old times writers/artists/musicians all had "muses"

I guess I kinda do.

My muses are my friends, I love to write for them and about them. my latest story has been the trials and tribulations of a young boy going through college and it's all based on the stories of my brother and his college days.

I love to write for people.

Unfortunately though the thing that most compells me is sadness or hurt or anguish. I always feel the need to try and make something beautiful from them.

So what is it for you?


rainbow 11!
I love to write, it's something I enjoy doing. But the thing that really compels me is that I feel like if I were to write something special, I will become special.

and I will slap anyone that says, "but you are already special!" because it's bull and I know it. :p


Registered Member
Similarly, pain, sadness or other negative emotions compel me to write. For me though it is not about making something beautiful out of it, but about trying to make sense of it. I only write poetry, and if anyone were to read it it would seem nonsensical, but it makes sense to me and that is it's purpose.


Registered Member
Life compels me to write. Well, life and especially things that shape peoples lives. I notice how things shape mine and I look to see how the same things affect other people. And mystery. I love games and I like designing mysteries. I like for my characters to be real and the mystery to be difficult to solve. It's a total challenge for me.