What Commands does your pet know?


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What commands can you give your pet, and they'll understand and follow your order?

My dog would know the usuals: 'sit', 'stay', 'get down/stay down' and 'go to bed'.

Then some extra ones: 'get the letter' if the postman comes, 'get teddy' to go find a toy and 'paw' to shake hands...

(If a cat owner replies to this i'll be thoroughly surprised :p)


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I have no clue when it happened but both of our dogs know how to sit, come, lay, and get in the cage. Just recently one of them (the black one) learned how to jump up when you tap your chest twice.

Just recently Hybrix taught out black dog how to roll over, I thought that it was just a myth that dogs actually rolled over but I guess they can.


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Sit, Lay Down, Stay, Come, Play Dead......but she never woke up.

My new dog sort of knows sit already. She's still pretty young, so her attention span hasn't developed enough for me to have lengthy teaching sessions. I hate untrained dogs though so I keep at it.


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My dog only knows what 'go outside' means and its really annoying.
Though she is starting to learn what no means, but its not really getting through to her.


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Sit, stay, down (lay down), roll over, shake (hand shake), high 5, off (get down), STFU, go eat your food, get out of here, no, go get your rope, ball, or bone, go potty, come here, up, go home (kennel), drop it.

He has not yet mastered settle down.
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Ferrets have short attention spans and are nosey, but if i open the landing door and tell him to come he does, and the first thing i taught him was to follow me up the stairs.


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If I say "water?!" really enthusiastically, all of my cats run to the closest toilet! They love to watch the toilet flush, haha...
Or if I say "is someone eating a cat turtle?!" they all run to this one cupboard in the kitchen that has the cat treats in it.
my dad was eating chocolate turtles and my cat tried to steal them from him, and he said "no these are people treats, you eat cat treats!" which turned into "these are turtles, theyre not for cats" which turned into "you eat cat turtles, people eat people turtles" which is why our cats treats are called cat turtles.


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My cat would play fetch with me when I had her. Other than that she was an anomaly.

One dog knows all the usual (sit, stay, come, in, out) plus get her toy, get her bone, go to bed, get in her house (kennel), roll over, in the car, upstairs, get the squirril, get her which means play with the other dog. Eh, I think that's it.

The little one probably knows all of that but refuses to do any of it.