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What colour is your hair?


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And what colour did it used to be? -
Perhaps you change it loads or summet. Perhaps it was a different colour when you were younger. Elaborate on this topic if you wanna do.


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Mine is black - it will be blue (when I reach my goal weight)

It should be silvery grey


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Mine's always been red (ginger if you're a Brit). I shave my head, now, but my beard is still the same color. Not as bright as when I was younger.

I think as far as color changes in aging people with red hair usually go white instead of gray.


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My hair is brown. It used to get blonde in the summer when I was little.


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Brunette! (always sounds nicer than 'brown', haha)

I used to dye my hair quite a lot when I was younger but I grew out of that phase after a couple years. Way too much hassle and I don't mind my natural color. It's just dark brown. Preferably I like it to be a little darker if anything but doesn't bother me.


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My hair is a medium Brown. I have dyed it from time to time from Black to Blonde (Blonde that turned to be orange tint then dyed it brown the same day lol)

I do not dye my hair any longer and has been maybe a year since it was Black.

When I was very young my hair was very light brown.
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Naturally my hair is light brown with a reddish tinge but I dye it all the time. At the moment it's just a medium brown until I can afford to do anything with it. I've dyed my hair pretty much every colour imaginable. Black, Blue-Black, Red, Purple, Orange, Blue, Green, Brown, Blonde...everything haha I'm thinking next i'm going to go a really vibrant red colour.


My hair is dirty blonde, sometimes mixed with gray.
When I was little it was very white.