What coffee do you drink and how does it affect you?


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I just drank a small cup of regular coffee and now I feel very relaxed. I've noticed that when I'm irritated or just plain going nuts, a little spot of joe helps to calm me down, almost the point where I'm sleepy.

Is it like that for most people? I always thought it would make you wide awake, hence why I made the thread. :D


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It doesn't make me sleepy at all but it relaxes me. I pretty much drink coffee all day. I make a pot of coffee every morning and at the office every day after lunch.


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I typically drink one cup of coffee every morning at work...its not the best and I dont know what kind it is but its free so I Cant complain all that much.

I like the taste but it's nice to drink a cup because it kind of wakes me up in the morning.


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I started drinking coffee a 3 days ago, im not sure what to do so i just drink it straight from the pot....i like it colder

I get pretty hyper when i drink it, and i find it hard to concentrate, and i feel kinda sick but someone said that will go away after i drink it a few more times
It makes me sleepy too, if I drink it at night/in the evening. The odd thing is if I drink it in the morning then usually it wakes me up a little. Must be totally psychological but hey if it works, it works.

I'm convinced it makes me more tired at night though since I didn't even know coffee could do that before I noticed it.

Oh, and it's just regular coffee :\ with milk.

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Well instant coffee doesn't have any effect on me...either at waking me up or making me sleepy. Probably because I used to consume a hell of a lot of it.

Now I drink fresh coffee that I get from a coffee shop each morning. It doesn't really have any noticeable effects but if I don't have one then I find myself falling asleep at my desk in the afternoons.


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Dunkin Donuts grounds, the original blend.

I have anywhere from 1 to 3 cups each morning depending on the availability of the coffee itself. Been drinking coffee regularly like that for the better part of all my life.

I used to enjoy the milk + alot of sugar when I was younger. But about the time I turned 14-15 I started to prefer just a strong black. My current preference is either flat black or with two packets of sweet & low.

Coffee relaxes me, it helps create that synthetic bubble of serenity that soothes me. Some of the most recent moments where I've just been happy have been over a cup of coffee.

I will say that when I switch grounds or get coffee from somewhere else, there are definitely changes in how I react. For instance if I dont get my D&D coffee at home then I'll hit up the corner store next to my work (50 cents for a cup), that stuff is good, its sharp and thick like a truck stop coffee. That wires me a little more and towards lunch time I will sometimes start to sweat the caffeine out, which isnt the greatest feeling but then again its not a crash either.


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I drink Trader Joe's French Roast. I am super-crabby every morning before I have my coffee. I definitely feel the physical addiction; there's a change in how I feel after I have my first cup, but I can't really explain what it is.
Been drinking coffee since I was 7. It gave me that much needed boost on Mondays.

I can't stand coffee now, the tea substitute has the same effect for me.