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What cheers you up?


aka ginger warlock
I think we all have days when we are pissed off/angry/depressed etc but what do you do cheer yourself up? Do you find watching a comedy film makes you happy? Does sex cheer you up with your partner or otherwise? Does listening to something sad actually help to get it out?

I have many things that manage to cheer me up but one of the main ones (and I am aware it might sound daft) is going onto places like Youtube and looking up comedy sketches I know will cheer me up or going onto icanhazcheeseburger.com simply because kittens make me smile :D


Sally Twit
lol @ sex

Family Guy cheers me up. As does my boyfriend. And if he isn't around then I'll turn to my friends.
Most of the time I just need someone to make me laugh. I don't like being upset.
It does often help if I just cry and get it out of my system. That's right, folks. Bliss cries.


Registered Member
Nonsense cheers me up, so I'll watch something funny on DVD. Sometimes I listen to music or read. It's whatever I need to do at the time.


Where is my Queen?
Knowing that I have no work or school the next day cheers me up because I can stay up late drinking beer, and sleep in.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Drinking and hanging out with my friends cheer me up. I know that I'll have a great time with them so it will help change my mood for the better.

Watching sports is another thing that cheers me up, not when my team loses though. Usually, I mostly get in a bad mood when my team loses and it takes a while for me to get over it, especially if it's a Playoff game.


No Custom Title Exists
My girlfriend. Tickling her and playing with her cheers me up because she is just full of positivity and energy. It's amazing.


Registered Member
I don't have any one thing I do that cheers me up. It depends on whats wrong i suppose. Sometimes, there isnt anything that can cheer me up except time. There are key episodes of some of my tv shows that help sometimes. Listening to certain music. The gym. Just depends


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
my kids when they're being funny
a pint of my favorite ice cream
a glass of maitai
an unexpected nice message
reliving funny stuff from the past via chat with old friends
good dance music


New Member
Usually eating cheers me up... but then after i've eaten it all, I feel sad again! I'm getting over that though... instead I watch Eastenders. That DEFINATELY cheers me up. My life is not as bad as any of those characters!