What changes can we make to improve the quality of our lives?



im not sure if this should go here, but my teacher thought it was funny, so what they hey:

basically i had to do an essay on who to change our lifes for the better, so i decided to go the funny route. we had to persuade the reader, so i decided to wrie the essay in the way i think. enjoy, and please tell me what you think, unless you opinion is bad, in which case, see my Sig at the bottom.

What changes could we make to improve the quality of our lives?

For me, a major factor would be amusement. The quality of comedy on television has dropped over recent years. What with anti-racial laws and some things being morally incorrect, comedy shows such as “Allo, Allo” will never be seen on our screens again; surely making a joke of the Nazi occupation of France might upset someone?
Comedy is a major part of many people’s lives. We all like a good laugh; it makes us happier and puts us in good spirits. It is this that improves our quality of life, feeling happier is feeling better. So why is it that so many good ideas for good television must be thrown aside because it might make someone from Zamboni in the deep Congo slightly upset?
The fact is everyone has a different sense of humour, its inevitable, but why, because there are a handful of people that do not like something they see on the television, must we all suffer, and watch “Great Bird Species of Northern Ireland”, which will have lower viewing figures, than say “Till Death do us Part”? Sure it’s offensive to some people, but surely they can switch over and watch David Attenborough and his birds on the other channel, and let the rest of us enjoy ourselves.
Some other programmes entertain us with dangerous stunts and comedy rolled into one, adding that little excitement into our lives on a miserable Sunday evening, before the drudgery of Monday morning. But there are those that would wish to erase that dangerous excitement, and have us watching salmon endlessly try to scale that last water fall during the mating season in Southern Canada.
This dangerous force, which is out to ruin our Sundays, (meaning put us on a lower tone for the week, making life in general that little more unbearable, thus lowering our overall quality of life) is Health and Safety. I’m all for it, it saves lives, and makes sure those that perform these stunts are kept out of harms way, but they could lighten up a little surely? They drown our favourite stars in piles of paperwork that make Mount Everest look like a mole hill.
Some truly amazing would-have-been stunts have never happened, because it might be that little bit too dangerous, or those performing the stunt had been swamped by half the Amazon’s weight in paper.
Had Health and Safety been around when man found fire, they would have said “oh no, you can’t do that, Mr Urg, you might burn yourself” and what about when man kind left the caves and started to use the flint and fork, I’m sure Mr Peacock at Health and Safety would have had qualms about whether is was safe for Sunny the Neanderthal to be cutting up his Sabre Tooth Tiger with a sharpened rock, seeing as he’d only had that opposable thumb of his for a million years.
Imagine where we would be if we had had good old H&S back then. I am fairly confident that our quality of life would not be quite what it is today, if mankind had never discovered the secrets of fire or his own opposable thumb. Why, we’d all still be sitting around in our caves, eating dinoburgers and staring at bare stone walls, wanting to put a drawing on it, but not allowed because our thumb might hurt us.
So what can we do to improve our Quality of life? Well the answer is this: Laugh more, lighten up, and live dangerously, because one day you might just discover something that changes all out lives for the better!