What car(s) do you own?


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Simple, what cars do you guys currently have in your possession? Should make this a sticky thread for this section. I bought almost a year and a half ago, a 2003 Toyota Avalon Auto. Good car, gets me from point A to point B. It was also my first car I bought. What about you guys?


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I don't own a car but I'm always in a 2011 Jeep Patriot. it's uncomfortable if you're sitting in the front. American Music agrees. But if I drove and could own a car I would like to own a 1961 Chevy Impala. That was the car my Dad drove and kept in great condition. Of course I wasn't born yet when he bought it but when I was old enough to remember it to me that was the most comfotrtable car I rode in. It was roomy in both the front and back. This photo is the closest I could find that he owned.


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So maybe would assume that i drive one of those talking cars for the blind right? I still think the blind talking cars are in development.
But I would never get one because just like an engine a computer can malfunction and make the wrong decision. I'm supposed to die just because the computer messed up? Other people would get killed also because of this computer.

At the amusement parks the roller coasters don't usually malfunction because the tracks and coasters are inspected everyday. They send out an empty coaster to make sure it's safe. However amusement park rides do screw up just like the Space Coaster a few years ago. That's why Disneyland built a new ride to make it safer.

If i can own a regular car and even though I like classic cars also they usually cost a lot because they're one of a kind. In this case this makes Jay Leno the best antique car collector around. I would want to get a 2017 Cobalt Blue Chevy Cavalier. These cars aren't pnly nice but pretty fast also. 501000962dec1a76649-610x372.jpg


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I have a 2017 Mazda 3.

Only bought a new car last year because someone drove into my Lancer and it was a write-off.


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I drive a 2017 Toyota Tundra. I was a Ford guy my whole life, but the service I was getting on my 2014 F150 pissed me off, so I went shopping at the local Toyota dealership in late 2017, and I couldn't pass up the deal they gave me.


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Subaru all the way.

I have a pearlescent white Subaru Outback 2003. I also have a dark blue Subaru Outback in manual, 2002.

Love those cars. When they’re done I will likely get more Subaru vehicles.

I am also strongly considering getting a Toyota at some point. I really like what they do over there. Tacoma is a sick truck (Hilux is also great.)