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What Candidate Matches Best to Your Beliefs


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Please take this USA today quiz and click the candidate that they say best matches your positions, even if it is not the candidate you plan to vote for.

2012 Election: The Candidate Match Game - USATODAY.com

Let me know your results and your thoughts after you've completed the quiz.



I am the woolrus
Interesting quiz! Seems pretty useful for any undecided voters. My results were:

1st Ron Paul: 54.6% (4 out of 11)
2nd Barack Obama: 43.3% (2 out of 11)
3rd John Huntsman: 38.8% (2 out of 11)

While i was more in favour of the Obama camp as regards Healthcare (which was set to 3/4 on the sliders), the main winner for Ron Paul was Afghanistan and Defense Spending, both of which were set to 4/4 on the importance sliders.

I guess this is sort of bias as someone doing the quiz from outside the country though. While i do have strong views on a government supported healthcare system and support for social welfare, when it comes to the American case i guess it's not surprising that their foreign policy is the most important issue for me personally.

Even if i believe that huge cuts in defense spending and a pull out of Afghanistan are necessary to provide effective health care and social welfare, if i lived in America, i might not be inclined to vote for a Ron Paul government that probably wouldn't guarantee any of these things...