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What can you cook?


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Since I moved out on my own a couple years ago, I've had to learn to cook for myself. My favorite things to cook are chicken breast, asparagus, potatoes, tacos, steak, and loaded nachos ;) . Obviously I cook the basic things, but what do you guys like to cook?
Personally, I'm kinda lazy...very lazy when it comes to cooking. I'm the kind of guy that when I'm hungry, I want it to be ready so I can eat it right away so I'm usually leaning for ready-to-eat meals when I can. But otherwise, I'm cooking pasta, mostly spaghetti, using my mom's spaghetti sauce. She has the absolute best sauce in the world.


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Until the turn of the year i've been a very basic throw it in the oven type of cooker. The wife is a brilliant cook and does pretty much everything from scratch. I can now manage to do a Roast Dinner from scratch, some pasta dishes, and i've even failed epically at making my own wedges haha, rookie mistake there though.


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Luckily, since I've gotten this new job I've been fed a lot of times, so in the last three months or so I haven't had to cook all that much.

My specialty, which I love and is so easy to make is:

Cooked pasta, raw onions, raw green/red peppers, small chicken breast and I melt orange cheddar cheese on there. It's so damn good.

Also, I'm very good at making steak, and steamed vegetables.

Another simply dish that I like is, cooked pasta, steam broccoli, then I put cheese on it and put it in the oven til the cheese melts.

As you can probably tell, I'm a big fan of pasta.


The return shall be legenday!
I can pretty much anything that is in a cookbook so I don't really have anything in particular that I enjoy cooking. But for the sake of the thread, I'm going to name off my favourite dishes that I do cook:

Cheddar Sausages with pasta(real Parmesan cheese and butter)
Chicken leg with BBQ spice and white rice

Simple, I know but like I said I can pretty much cook anything


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BJBirdy said:
I actually cannot cook eggs to save my life. Yes, crazy, I know.
I can cook eggs, but six out of ten times I'll screw up my scramble eggs. There always too liquady.


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pretty much anything. I'm not afraid to try I guess is the biggest thing. I can cook, bake, barbeque and grill and of course I love to eat.