What can I do?


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My mom has had to take on a second job in order to pay the bills since they cut a lot of her hours at work. I had a job but got laid off due to budget cuts. I live with her and have been helping to pay some stuff but now I am broke. I don't have a car or license (since my parents never taught me to drive and don't have the money to take lessons) so she was giving me a ride to work after she got off hers. I was going to school but failed all my classes last semester due to skipping a lot due to emotional stress from this whole economy tanking(it's very depressing) and seeing my mom having to struggle with all this. Because of this I no longer meet the requirements for financial aid so I can't go this semester to school. The thing is I haven't told my mom that my gpa has declined so drastically. I figured out that even if I was full-time at school and got all A's, my gpa is so low right now that it would take two semesters to get it back up to normal. Since I do not have a real mode of transportation it has been very hard for me to find a job and add to the fact that the job I had was the only one I've had so far and it was only for 4 months due to me going to school all the time which means I don't really have any experience so I have been unable to help my mother. What can I do in this situation? I really need to help my mom but can't afford the education that she wants me to get, don't have a way to get to a job even if I get one, and have lowered my gpa in school to the point where that will be at least an extra year of schooling depending on how many classes I take. I need help.
The reason that i skipped school entirely is cause I just couldn't deal with being at school anymore. I got so sad seeing all those other kids with their friends and all them laughing, hanging out, and not seeming to have any care in the world. It depressed me to no end. also all them would always talk about how they hate their job and I would think to myself how I would do anything to get a job. This whole economy has really bummed me out. My dad lost his job and is having trouble finding one when he used to earn $100,000 a year being a manager at IBM so it shows how bad things are. I have applied at every place for the past 6 months that I can think of and yet I've only had a few call backs. The thing is that every place around me within an 15 mile radius only seems to be hiring managers. Everywhere I look they only wants managers or people with like 3+ years experience. It is so hard for me to get a job since I don't have a car so I can't drive anywhere. Also my mom just lost her main job so now we can no longer afford to live where we are. I don't know what to do. No place seems to be hiring! I would literally take any job I could whether it be Mcdonalds, walmart, a factory job, whatever but I need to be able to drive places. I really wish I had a license but i have zero money and my mom is too bust to teach me and can't afford it either since she is now barely making rent. We cut our cable and phone to save money but kept the internet so we can still apply for jobs. Anyone have any suggestions? Sorry if it seems like I'm whining but I don't know what to do or how to deal with the fact that I'm 21, can't drive, and don't have a job with my mom barely being able to support me let alone herself. I'm desperate!


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First off, you need to keep optimistic no matter how hard things look. It may seem impossible, but it will save you in the long run. All you can really do in a situation like this is apply everywhere and I mean everywhere. Walk places and apply, buy a bicycle if you can and if you don't have enough, run a garage sale to raise some cash and buy something like a scooter or bike. All you can do is keep trying dude, I hate to say it but there's no mystery to it.


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Print off a load of C.V's, walk around your town, and drop it into all the businesses. Even if they aren't hiring at the time, they may be in the near future.

If you have a job seeking agency in your town, then go and put your name down there. Sometimes people get preference if they go through these agencies.

I agree with Constantine on the whole stay positive thing. Having a negative outlook will just make things seem alot worse than they are.


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Agreed with all of the above really. I've been through this more then once. Pretty well in your exact situation actually. You definitely should keep applying everywhere possible. And don't be picky because all you really need right now is a job. After you get one you can keep applying elsewhere, for something you would actually enjoy doing. I went to Career Development Services and they helped me find out what places were hiring that I didn't know about, and they made a few calls for me. They must have something like that where you are. Make sure if you do make a appointment with a service like that, that you let them know you don't have a reliable mean of transportation. I don't know if you have bus routes there, but that's always an option.
I'm sure things will sooner or later go your way, just be patient.
Also, while you have some time to yourself, you should think about joining in an activity. Like going to the gym if you don't already. It's really good to take your mind off other issues going on, and you will feel great afterwards. :)
Good luck, and let us know how things pan out for you.


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Keep applying for jobs when they come up. Also yes i agree send your CV out to different companies, least they have you on record then if any jobs become vacant.
Helping your mum out at home would be a good start too, cooking and cleaning so she doesn't have to do it when she get home.
Good luck with it and remember there is only you that can make the situation better or worse, so keep at it. You never know what the future holds.


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Yeah, remember that these are tough times right now. You're really in an opportunity to grow and learn; even develop ahead of your peers. Remember what Constantine said; "be optimistic."

...always. =D