What can boxing do to get back on top?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by PhillyKid90210, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. What can boxing do to get back on top. I think they nned good heavyeights. That division is what defines boxing. They already have a good middleweight division, lightweight. But the main division sucks. Also it would'nt hurt if boxing got off ppv and start to have their fights be on broadcast tv again like abc. What are your thoughts?

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    First off I'd like to say it's a real shame that Boxing isn't all popular anymore. Second off I believe what they need to become popular once again is they need to find another young Mike Tyson, someone that will take the sport by storm like he did when he first entered the Boxing World. I know it would be almost impossible to find someone that was good like he once was, but in my opinion thats what they need.
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    It's gonna be tough because it seems that UFC is what people want nowadays. Boxing has been going down a corrupt, greedy spiral for a long time and with this freestyle fighting making it's appearance (and the cover of SI) it's going to be really hard for boxing to be big again. UFC is more exciting to people and perhaps most importantly, more violent. Boxing is going the way of hockey in dead sports in the USA i'm afraid.
  4. Yeah that is ashame. Well hockey was never really popular anyway. And all boxing needs to do is have good heavyweights.
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    Some good heavyweights would help indeed. If it was like the 1970s with Ali, Frazier, Norton, Foreman, etc. then sure people would be captivated but it just seems like boxers box nowadays to collect a paycheck. Nobody has that killer instinct anymore that he just wants to go out and maul someone. Funny thing is UFC HAS those type of guys and personalities. I mean it seems everyone knows who Chuck Lidell is! As for hockey, was becoming very popular in the mid-90s with big market teams like the Rangers and Red Wings winning the Cup but now that's not happening and teams have relocated to places like Nashville, Atlanta and Columbus where people don't give a shit about the NHL. :wacko:

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    1 I think it needs is good American heavy Weights. but 2 the Middle weight classes to me are much more fun to watchwhn Boxing was really good. You had good talent in a bunch of weight classes. but now there are still alot of good fighters but the sports isnt promoted as well cuz you have 2 donkeys in Don King and Bob Arum preventing many from liking the sport. Those 2 seems to be holding up the sport cuz they lose money . when those 2 go that will be a step forward to helping it. UFC is hot now like Boxing in its hey day. But 2 reasons why. 1 the owenr of UFC gets the best to fight the best there are no promoters to get in way. and also there havent been any controversial decisions that loom.
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    That's an excellent point. Back in the day when you had guys like Ali, Frazier, Foreman you had guys who boexed because they truly had a desire to fight and test themselves against other boxers. Nobody wants to pay good money for a heavyweight bout where as soon as one guy gets embarrassed in the third or fourth round, he quits. Or to watch two guys play around who don't want to get their pretty faces banged up because they've got a GQ or PLAYBOY photo shoot the next day.

    And let's be honest, if you're getting $25-$50 million bucks even if you LOSE then where's you're incentive for wanting to win? It's hard to convince a guy he's lost when he can walk away with that kind of mazuma.
  8. Yeah Don King need to let go and give up the reigns to someone esle. The other guy too so boxing can get back on top. Another reason hockey sucks is cause its on the vs network.
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    But hockey has never recovered from that long ass strike, has it?
  10. No but its no excuse baseball and basketball recovered from their's.

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