What calms you down?


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You know those times when you're pissed or don't want anyone to bother you? What do you do to get calmed down or to relax? Me, I play guitar, draw, or watch a video I bookmarked in the computer... What about you?


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i take a time out and count down from 10. i take a deep breath and then i just try to start over again with whatever it was that got me mad or upset.


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Well, for instance, right now I'm at work and very tense...I'm getting irritated even before the customers start talking just because I want to be left alone. So, for a temporary calm I'm taking a deep breath when I see them approaching, and then put on a smile...even though that smile isn't genuine, it somehow does lift the spirits.

That's just a short fix though. Once I get home I'm planning on beating up my punching bag and then maybe taking a nice long shower or bubble bath. Reading a good book or listening to music are also some soothing favorites for me.


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Listening to my favourite music. Although it's quite heavy and generally revolves around cutting yourself to pieces I really does calm me down.


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My way of calming down has degenerated to putting myself in danger and I generally react violently when something gets to me. My first reaction is to get out of there. If I remain in the environment that the incident happened in, I will only get more aggressive and act out violently towards the people and objects around me. Over the last few times I've been put in a very bad situation, I've cranked my stereo to near max (Aftermarket system...not healthy on the ears) and sped to just anywhere. I've hit 70 on inner city roads which is extremely reckless and stupid but at the time I'm not thinking about that. The only way to clear my head is just to leave.