What bills do you pay each month?

Do you live with your parents still?

  • yes

    Votes: 10 58.8%
  • no

    Votes: 7 41.2%

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I got the idea when reading the responses to "whats the most you've spent in three days or less?" to see what bills people have.

ex: Since im in school right now i dont have any monthly bills except i have to get my own money for smokes but my dad pays for my gas and other things.... when i lived on my own i had:

-car payment
Nothing. My parents pay for everything. I'm a spoiled brat. ^.^;

Although... when I do have money, I spend it on my car insurance bill.


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As far as the poll, no. I was on my own at age 17.

-credit card
-cable,telephone,tv combo
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I split

i pay fully
-my phone

groceries are paid over by whoever does them.. so i got a 1/3 chance of paying for that list.
I pay rent for myself and a roommate that doesn't have a checking account (he gives me the cash beforehand). I also pay cable/internet, gas, water, and electricity, which my room mates then reimburse me for 3/4 of it.


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- rent
- grocery (food and baby milk/nappies are bulk of it)
- phone (land and mobile)
- electricity
- bank credit
- child support
- smokes
- kid's chaperon
- canteen
- internet
- private insurance
- public transport card


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Council tax
(Phone)Line rental
TV license
Mobile/cell phone
Car Insurance
Road Tax
Parking permit

plus then all commodities like food and petrol.

I share most of the above with my house-mate but my share alone comes to about £5500 a year, that is about us$11,000.