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Movies What attracts you to a film


aka ginger warlock
I don't always tend to trust film reviews or for that matter trailers as most of the time they can be very misleading. As a result I tend to try to look into a film a bit more and look for who is writing the film, who is directing and who is in it. I also don't tend to just assume that because I liked the previous ones I will like the others (American Pie 3, Terminator 3, Scream 3 (I am seeing a pattern here)) I will like the the new one.

What attracts you and how do you make your mind up?


Well-Known Member
Who is directing and who is starring in it plays a big factor for me. Also, reviews from friends who've seen the film. I don't really listen to critics, as a lot of the time i've disagreed with films they didn't like. I do go to a sequel if I liked the first one, mainly out of interest to how they're continuing the story.


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The actors and actresses playing in the movie. If the movie stars someone who is unknown to me, chances are, I'm not even going to be remotely interested. If a movie stars one of my favorites, I will definitely check it out.


There are numerous reasons why I will see a film and director is a big one. If I have liked previous work from that director I will most likely see the film, even without knowing much about it.

Second would be the actors, if there is an actor in the film that I REALLY love I will usually see it, even if it looks like the type of film I wouldn't usually like.

Third would be content/story. I would obviously see a film on something I am personally interested in, even if I didn't know the director or any of the actors.

Fourth is reviews. I do read a lot of film reviews and while I know you can't trust a review to be truthful to how you will see the film, I still find them to be good basic guidelines to what you are seeing. I also have a couple of people who I respect as film reviewers and usually trust their opinion. Also, if one film get' a lot of really positive reviews then I might see it.

Last would be trailer. I love trailers and to me a well-made trailer is pretty important. I have seen films before just because the trailer was really good. Of course if I see a bad trailer I won't say "I am never seeing that film", but it does help if the trailer catches my attention.

Also the buzz generated around certain films sometimes makes me interested to see them.


rainbow 11!
Who is in the movie, the title, a small little summary of the movie helps me... I don't care who directs it, as long as it is not m night shmalanskdfuie because I fucking hate him. He is a horrible director.


Lead actors, director and the genre are the main three. After that, trailer & reviews.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Definitely actors and director. Genre and content/story are important. What I value the most though is the opinions of friends or other people that have the same taste in movies that I do. When someone recommends a movie to me I will always try to watch it if I respect their taste.


Oh, I'd also like to add the setting to my list. I rarely like anything that takes place before 1940 or anything in space. There are exceptions... but very few.