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What are your views on IoT (the internet of things)?


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With the advent of IoT, all devices speak to each other and it creates massive amounts of data about us. Your phone talks to your frig, your hairdryer will talk to your curling iron, appointments will be set for you, decisions will be made for you based on your prior answers, and all in the name of technology. Do you think there is an upside to this besides the creation of a whole new career path (data scientist)?


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I'm not seeing one.I'm seeing people making data transfer possible with new technology applied to old technology (toasters, etc....) that has no practical use other than the ability to be created.


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I just see the risks of putting your life on the Internet to be hacked. Hacking your door locks, your heat, your power. Just seems insane to me.


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I agree that security in the IoT will be a challenge for someone. I really don't plan to upload my life to the cloud just yet. There will have to be significant changes before I will allow any of that. Just something to think about, kind of unreal.


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This is a good and interesting question. I would like to answer this one.
I don't like to copy anyone's answers. So I'll think of one of my own. So here's what I'm thinking.

Some may know or not that the blind have their own computer program from Microsoft called Jaws.
I used this one as I'm vision impaired. I lost my vision back in 2005. I like the Jaws program. This program has a voice it uses to read what's on the internet. The menu however is different on the blind keyboard. They try to make it simpler for the blind to see what's going on.

Actually they're all key commands. One can use a mouse but it's hard for the blind to know where the pointer is at. The key arrows will know exactly where the arrow is. The voice then tells you what you're doing. There's another I program I had. I forgot what it was called. But then again I don't recommend it.
They Make the key strokes very difficult. Jaws is very easy for the blind or sight impaired.
Jaws has its own manual how to use the program in a matter of days. It's not access able easy but if a blind person wants to a computer then this would be their opportunity. This is only from the Microsoft.

I don't know if Apple has a program because I never own an Apple pc. I would suppose they would because there has to be blind Apple users. They would need a special program for that because the computer would read different codes such as binary 0 0 1 1etc. So I recommend all vision impaired don't waste your time with other programs. Get Jaws. It's very easy to use and understand.

You have any questions about Jaws they have a manual. I have gotten this from a place called the Lighthouse for the blind and deaf. They also gave me a free computer. I just remembered the name of the program that I didn't like called Window Eyes.

So my answer is yes technology is helping others such as the disabled. For the TV remote for the deaf go to closed captioned..Just know especially for sitcoms you need to be able to read super fast.


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My other issue with the cloud, is that your stuff in the cloud is:
1. Controlled by somebody else and can be accessed by others without your knowledge.
2. If you have no Internet connection, your files may as well not exist.

My wife and I took a really wonderful trip across the Southwest. I am glad I had paper maps and an atlas. While pulling into a scenic overlook, the GPS was telling us to "Turn Left" which was a 500 foot drop into the Grand Canyon.

We had a lot of no signal, Internet free hours, days really, except in the hotel at night.


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I think that it can be used to make life easier. Think of your Google accounts. You have access to your contacts, your documents, calendar etc everywhere you go. Get a new phone, no problem, sign into Google and all of your contacts, photos etc are right there at your fingertips.