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What are your thoughts about Bloomberg


Registered Member
He has no jurisdiction and yet he sends investigators into another state to further his liberal gun control agenda. What a peice of work. Maybe he should stay home and work on fixing his increase in violent crimes instead of worrying about the other states. But they don't talk about the increase in murder in New York on the news do they, hmmmmm. I guess he has too much money and needs to spend it on something but god forbid that he spends it on getting more police on the streets.

This was mostly to rant but I was also wondering what you guys think of all this. I'm in AZ and the criminal element is going to buy a gun on the street before going to a gun show at the local church.



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I agree, Bloomberg is a typical NY liberal douche. They spend six figures on a sting operation outside their jurisdiction to exploit a tragedy? As if they couldn't have used those resources to fight crime in NY. Whatever, Mayor Doucheberg!


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Sell out. He also allowed the 911 Mosque to move forward at Ground Zero.
There other corrupt NYC elite like Bernie Kerik, who was vying for a position in the Dept of Homeland Security.
Now Bo Dietl thinks he's some kind of superstar and he's a schmuck too.