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What are your favorites then and Now?


Registered Member
I was pondering about what some of my favorite Tv programs were of the past and now.
If I had to make a list of them, I guarantee you some members would never know the answers.
They wouldn't be alive to read them.

I loved some comedies of the past, dramas, Cops shows, and game shows.
Today basically the same thing.

I will give some specifics later if no one minds. My fingers are tired.

But I would love to know what some favorites of others did you watch when you were younger and now.


Creeping On You
With netflix and various other streaming services, we don't have to miss the past shows. I subscribed to MGM channel on prime, and i got to rewatch a TON of old westerns. They didn't age well haha, as far as morality and "political correctness" goes, but if you accept that its history(haha no it isnt nothing has changed in regards to sexism and racism since then), you can be entertained by the adventure. I just didnt have a dad and john wayne impresses me lol.

Now adays the MCU universe is my favourite. The more and more hate it gets from the misogamist population, the more and more i know they went the right direction. The way that crowd invents reason to hate the new She-Hulk show provides me with hours of trolling fun in facebook comment sections. Its hilarious how the general public complains theres no original fun shows coming out, and then when one does, they bash it for being too "woke and feminist" as if thats something a show could actually be haha. by "woke and feminist" they mean "realistic and a societal mirror". the misogynists' hate it because it makes them think long and hard about their actions lol. The fact that there was so much backlash about the harmless aftercredits twerking scene haha. I seriously get the giggles everytime I think of the fact that theres actual real life people who think that it was a bad thing and not just a little bit of fun