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What are your favorite hobbies?


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Staff member
Ok, so what is your favorite hobbies or pastimes? Personally I like to draw and do anything with imaging or layouts on the computer.

I also like listening to music while doing different art projects. I'd actually like to learn to play either guitar or piano eventually or both if I have time but you know how these things work. It's hard to pick up a new hobby. :(

I also do some acting on the side but certainly not for the money. It's more of a way to relax than anything. It feels good to be somebody else now and then and not worry about anything. :)

Every once in a while I play some PC videogames as well but it's amazing how little time I have for games anymore. I always have other things I could be doing instead. :D


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Depends what mood i'm in, but I like to read, play guitar, listen to music, watch films, take photographs, find quotes, socialise, bike ride, and a few other things ^_^


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I have all of Marie's, but throw in play with my daughter, work, video games, and take off bike riding.